Definitions for "Cruise"
To wander hither and thither on land.
A voyage aboard a ship, in which the activities on the ship itself form a major objective of the voyage; -- used particularly of vacation voyages, or voyages during which some special activity occurs on board the ship, such as a series of seminars.
travel at a moderate speed; "Please keep your seat belt fastened while the plane is reaching cruising altitude"
To inspect forest land for the purpose of estimating the quantity of lumber it will yield.
To explore with reference to capacity for the production of lumber; as, to cruise a section of land.
A survey of forestland to locate timber and estimate its quantity by species, products, size, quality, or other characteristics; the estimate obtained in such a survey. Several different sampling techniques can be used in a cruise.
a intriguing business and studying more about it can be extremely fulfilling
a intriguing industry and studying more about it is extremely advantageous
a stirring business and studying more about it can be very profitable
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To sail back and forth on the ocean; to sail, as for the protection of commerce, in search of an enemy, for plunder, or for pleasure.
To travel primarily for pleasure, or without any fixed purpose, rather than with the main goal of reaching a particular destination.
A voyage made in various directions, as of an armed vessel, for the protection of other vessels, or in search of an enemy; a sailing to and fro, as for exploration or for pleasure.
an attractive Express
an attractive Nippon cargo airlines option for single people, providing a compact environment to meet other people or to keep themselves to themselves
an attractive option for single people, Solomon airlines providing a compact environme
a favorite of many seniors
a perfect place to indulge my favorite addiction - picture-taking
a perfect time to broaden your horizon by trying exotic things
a dark mellow ballad that is typically Interpol but that possesses one beautiful melody, creating an impeccable ambiance
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a good spot to get down on one knee
a special occasion and getting dressed up for one nite shouldn't be a big thing
Cruise refers to the send-off interval that you swim 100 freestyle on comfortably, getting 7-10 seconds rest. 4 x 100 on "cruise" would then be 4 x 100 on that interval. 4 x 100 on "cruise - :05" would be 4 x 100 on that interval minus 5 seconds. If cruise is specified for a distance other than 100, simply do the math to figure out the interval for that distance. For example, if your 100 cruise interval is 2:00, then your 50 cruise interval is 1:00 and your 200 cruise interval is 4:00.
an antidote to a logistical nightmare of scheduling group arrivals and check-ins, diners, award ceremonies and other special events
an escape from reality into the glitzy, clockless world of casinos, night clubs and discos
drive around aimlessly but ostentatiously and at leisure; "She cruised the neighborhood in her new convertible"
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See Cruse, a small bottle.
a must to see Kealakekua
a growing field and discovering more about it can prove to be very edifying
a stimulating field and studying more about it can prove to be quite productive
A simple, non-challenging ride (but riding is always fun). "I didn't feel like hammering today so I just did a cruiser"
an increasingly popular option, with everything on hand for all tastes
a particularly easy place to do that, because you can have all you want of everything on the menu
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a time to make friends and if you do accept a little bit of help you would be surprised the friend ships you can make
A tour taken on a ship.
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look for a sexual partner in a public place; "The men were cruising the park"
To actively look for a sex partner in areas others are likely to be found engaged in the same pursuit.
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a must and will rejuvenate every inch of your body
A cruise is a meeting of car enthusiasts in a predetermined location, organised predominantly through the internet (in recent times) but also through mobile phone, word of mouth or simply by a cruise being established enough that it becomes a regular event.
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homosexual looking for sex. (see Troll)
a considerable amount of money and unfortunately, emergencies can happen
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a dream come true
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a kind of Theater of the Sea
Navigating the Internet by following hyperlinks from one Web site or page to another.
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a cross section of the population
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cruise control system
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To cruise over or about.