Definitions for "STORY"
A narrative, commonly untrue. The truth of the stories here following has, however, not been successfully impeached. One evening Mr. Rudolph Block, of New York, found himself seated at dinner alongside Mr. Percival Pollard, the distinguished critic. "Mr. Pollard," said he, "my book, _The Biography of a Dead Cow_, is published anonymously, but you can hardly be ignorant of its authorship. Yet in reviewing it you speak of it as the work of the Idiot of the Century. Do you think that fair criticism?" "I am very sorry, sir," replied the critic, amiably, "but it did not occur to me that you really might not wish the public to know who wrote it." Mr. W.C. Morrow, who used to live in San Jose, California, was addicted to writing ghost stories which made the reader feel as if a stream of lizards, fresh from the ice, were streaking it up his back and hiding in his hair. San Jose was at that time believed to be haunted by the visible spirit of a noted bandit named Vasquez, who had been hanged there. The town was not very well lighted, and it is putting it mildly to say that San Jose was reluctant to be out o' nights. One particularly dark night two gentlemen were abroad in the loneliest spot within the city limits, talking loudly to keep up their courage, when they came upon Mr. J.J. Owen, a well-known journalist. "Why, Owen," said one, "what brings you here on such a night as this? You told me that this is one of Vasquez' favorite haunts! And you are a believer. Aren't you afraid to be out?" "My dear fellow," the journalist replied with a drear autumnal cadence in his speech, like the moan of a leaf-laden wind, "I am afraid to be in. I have one of Will Morrow's stories in my pocket and I don't dare to go where there is light enough to read it." Rear-Admiral Schley and Representative Charles F. Joy were standing near the Peace Monument, in Washington, discussing the question, Is success a failure? Mr. Joy suddenly broke off in the middle of an eloquent sentence, exclaiming: "Hello! I've heard that band before. Santlemann's, I think." "I don't hear any band," said Schley. "Come to think, I don't either," said Joy; "but I see General Miles coming down the avenue, and that pageant always affects me in the same way as a brass band. One has to scrutinize one's impressions pretty closely, or one will mistake their origin." While the Admiral was digesting this hasty meal of philosophy General Miles passed in review, a spectacle of impressive dignity. When the tail of the seeming procession had passed and the two observers had recovered from the transient blindness caused by its effulgence -- "He seems to be enjoying himself," said the Admiral. "There is nothing," assented Joy, thoughtfully, "that he enjoys one-half so well." The illustrious statesman, Champ Clark, once lived about a mile from the village of Jebigue, in Missouri. One day he rode into town on a favorite mule, and, hitching the beast on the sunny side of a street, in front of a saloon, he went inside in his character of teetotaler, to apprise the barkeeper that wine is a mocker. It was a dreadfully hot day. Pretty soon a neighbor came in and seeing Clark, said: "Champ, it is not right to leave that mule out there in the sun. He'll roast, sure! -- he was smoking as I passed him." "O, he's all right," said Clark, lightly; "he's an inveterate smoker." The neighbor took a lemonade, but shook his head and repeated that it was not right. He was a conspirator. There had been a fire the night before: a stable just around the corner had burned and a number of horses had put on their immortality, among them a young colt, which was roasted to a rich nut-brown. Some of the boys had turned Mr. Clark's mule loose and substituted the mortal part of the colt. Presently another man entered the saloon. "For mercy's sake!" he said, taking it with sugar, "do remove that mule, barkeeper: it smells." "Yes," interposed Clark, "that animal has the best nose in Missouri. But if he doesn't mind, you shouldn't." In the course of human events Mr. Clark went out, and there, apparently, lay the incinerated and shrunken remains of his charger. The boys idd not have any fun out of Mr. Clarke, who looked at the body and, with the non-committal expression to which he owes so much of his political preferment, went away. But walking home late that night he saw his mule standing silent and solemn by the wayside in the misty moonlight. Mentioning the name of Helen Blazes with uncommon emphasis, Mr. Clark took the back track as hard as ever he could hook it, and passed the night in town. General H.H. Wotherspoon, president of the Army War College, has a pet rib-nosed baboon, an animal of uncommon intelligence but imperfectly beautiful. Returning to his apartment one evening, the General was surprised and pained to find Adam (for so the creature is named, the general being a Darwinian) sitting up for him and wearing his master's best uniform coat, epaulettes and all. "You confounded remote ancestor!" thundered the great strategist, "what do you mean by being out of bed after naps? -- and with my coat on!" Adam rose and with a reproachful look got down on all fours in the manner of his kind and, scuffling across the room to a table, returned with a visiting-card: General Barry had called and, judging by an empty champagne bottle and several cigar-stumps, had been hospitably entertained while waiting. The general apologized to his faithful progenitor and retired. The next day he met General Barry, who said: "Spoon, old man, when leaving you last evening I forgot to ask you about those excellent cigars. Where did you get them?" General Wotherspoon did not deign to reply, but walked away. "Pardon me, please," said Barry, moving after him; "I was joking of course. Why, I knew it was not you before I had been in the room fifteen minutes."
A narration or recital of that which has occurred; a description of past events; a history; a statement; a record.
The relation of an incident or minor event; a short narrative; a tale; especially, a fictitious narrative less elaborate than a novel; a short romance.
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a collection of inspiring conversions and stories of disciples in the family of God
a good way to enter into a situation, is a good way to capture the imagination and attention of the other person, a good way to set the scene for the Gospel, the good news
a tribute to excellence as a disciple
a bit like a giant jigsaw puzzle where each piece is put together by the writer and given as a complete whole to the reader
a complete dramatic action, and the action is controlled through the characters, and the result of this is meaning that derives from the whole-presented experience
a Promise and a popular workshop leader at writing conferences around the US
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A euphemism or child's word for "a lie;" a fib; as, to tell a story.
an account of an occurrence or occurrences (The newspaper story told about last Friday's fire in the Pinelands)
an informal unit of distance equal to the average distance between floors of a building. In British English the spelling is "storey" and the plural is "storeys"; Americans write "story" and "stories." Typically a story equals 10 to 12 feet (3.0-3.6 meters). The origin of this use of the word "story" is not entirely clear, but in medieval times a tier of sculptures or stained glass windows on the front of a cathedral was called a stor(e)y because it usually told a story, and the number of stories was a measure of the size of the building.
a classic comedy that actually helped to invert Hepburn's "box office poison" reputation
a classic Rod and Ronnie Wood recording as well
a funny and very inventive comedy drama, even though the real love affair is with LA itself
a vast collection of memes (a memeplex), which are subject to the same selection pressures as other memes
a vast collection of memes that have come to rely on each other for replication
a character resolving conflict
a formed record of a character tested in conflict
an agreement consisting of word, milieu, plot, character, dialogue and style
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a Gift, Christmas Souvenirs, Penelope, You're Picky, Perhaps If I Yawn, Shakin' the Tree, Angels, and I've Just Gotta Say Thank You, plus seven familiar carol snippets
a new animal in the zoo and I've touched
A set of rooms on the same floor or level; a floor, or the space between two floors. Also, a horizontal division of a building's exterior considered architecturally, which need not correspond exactly with the stories within.
The portion of a building included between the upper surface of a floor and the upper surface of the floor or roof next above.
structure consisting of a room or set of rooms comprising a single level of a multilevel building; "what level is the office on?"
a also a metaphor, a model of some aspect of human behaviour
a big metaphor made up of lots of little metaphors
a little murkier
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a "bombshell"
In the coaching from the Ford Institute, a story refers to our version of reality or our perception of how things occur for us. When we speak of “story”, we are talking about the way we see things and experience things as the reason we are the way we are. Our stories limit us and keep us believing we are less than we are, or unable to accomplish our dreams.
a chance to explore new things
a dynamic thing
The story is the basic unit of work in XP. A story represents a chunk of business value that can be tested, estimated and delivered within an iteration. The headline of each story is written on an index card.
A business need from the software development. A story must be split small enough so that can be delivered in a single development iteration.
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a group of similarly themed outfits from the same designer, and I got the idea that the components of these may be interchangeable
a performance that attempts to complicate representation and/or (re)present the displacement of ideas in their representations, or something like that
a set of connected ideas, so I think that would qualify
a short account of the news; "the report of his speech"; "the story was on the 11 o'clock news"; "the account of his speech that was given on the evening news made the governor furious"
a newswire article or a segment of a news broadcast with a coherent news focus
a piece of news as opposed to a page which is a static article
Keywords:  whet, superb, alike, opera, appetite
a superb introduction to the magical world of opera that is sure to whet the appetite, and peak the interest of young and old alike
a lesson in the diminishing returns of violence in ethno-nationalistic struggles
Keywords:  verbi, devoid, useless, novel, age
a novel devoid of useless verbi age
a simplification and a clarification of life
a stable pattern of energy through which an infinity of personages may pass, ourselves included
Story: 10th Anniversary is a best of compilation by Amorphis released in 2000 to celebrate the band's tenth anniversary.
A term for a set of copy that was imported into page layout software as one file. The story may appear in one place in one text block (PageMaker term) or in one text box (XPress term,) or it may be "chained" across multiple boxes that may reside on multiple pages of a document. A "story" is the largest piece of text that can be "highlighted" (selected in preparation for formatting) at one time. Stories must be highlighted individually.
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a store or a storehouse
a poem which happened when a teacher tried to inspire students to read
a prime example of what is happening, but shouldn't be
Keywords:  strung, bow
a strung bow
Keywords:  pulleys, hoists, greases, obvious, way
a great way to express yourself and your life
a group of words arranged in a way that they have what we call a beginning, middle and end
a medicine that greases and hoists the pulleys, shows us the way out, down, in and around, cuts for us fine wide doors in previously blank walls, and doors which lead us to our own knowing
an acid test of whether one is a traditional Barry Goldwater conservative, who believes in
Keywords:  milkfat, healthy, positive
a healthy positive for milkfat
Keywords:  robbery, murder, restaurant, ago, few
a robbery/murder in a small family owned restaurant a few years ago
a very special program for our youngest painters
Keywords:  myth, urban
an urban myth
Keywords:  fabula, manner, presented
a fabula that is presented in a certain manner
a tree with each endless branch endlessly explored
a radio wave solicitation from one universe in search of another, a homing device sent out from one mammal in search of others, awaiting a response, anticipating a connection, lost if returned with only echoes
a placeholder for discussion
a special type of discussion group message
a guided fantasy and more intimate than simple observation or the impact of a physical setting on the senses
a familial 'hand-me-down', a garment of words that, with adjustments in shape and size, is made to fit its next inheritor
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a conceptual item
a multidimensional system made visible by two-dimensional notations (language)
a collection of rich media content about a specific experience
a communication of some human experience from one person to another
an experience
a post that is submitted to the attention of other users and is " "queued in the submission queue
an act of interpretation of the world, rooted in the particular perceptions and feelings of the writer
an interpretation of the past and a model for the future -- as such, it is not something to leave to chance
see adventure; scenario. "Story" is usually associated with World of Darkness games.
a fact wrapped in an emotion that can compell us to take action and so transform the world
a vector that spreads the information and emotion that is contained within it
Keywords:  versa, vice, message
a message and vice versa
Keywords:  treasure, archive, people, objects
an archive of people's stories about objects that they treasure
Keywords:  liberal, lies, tissue
a tissue of liberal lies
Keywords:  ecosystem, closed
a closed ecosystem
Keywords:  swiss, beating, heart, watch, timed
a Swiss watch timed to a beating heart"
Keywords:  game, far, wake, bit, governance
a bit far from the game
a wake-up call that this is so much more about governance than it is about game design
Keywords:  audience, author, contract
a contract between the author and the audience
The general term applied to any newspaper article written by a reporter.
a sequential linking of one state or condition with another, a series of "and thens
Keywords:  creation, work
a work of creation
Keywords:  creative, business, home, based
a home based creative business
Keywords:  perfect, example
a perfect example
Keywords:  apart, class
a class apart
a key part of its future strategy, both in how it will approach the changing market out there and in how it interacts with non-Microsoft systems
an extremely powerful medium to influence people's thoughts and actions
a collection of facts in a time sequenced order that suggests a cause and effect relationship
an instance that communicates a principle
Keywords:  walk, website, lives, life, people
a website that allows people from every walk of life to make connections between objects and their own lives
Keywords:  concept, powerful
a powerful concept
Keywords:  depreciation, straight, line
Straight-Line Depreciation
Keywords:  learns, machine
a machine that learns
an effective device to create this level of engagement and connection
a completely different element from visuals and other such parts of a game, but they all have bearing on one another
Keywords:  node, image
a node, an image is a node
Keywords:  map, extends, time
a map that extends through time
Keywords:  entry, website, added, dated, your
a dated entry which is added to your website
Keywords:  self, entity, contained
a self contained entity
a picture painted with words that has only one specific purpose
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a unit of developer work