Definitions for "Myths"
Shared perspectives and beliefs of a community. A myth may or may not be true, but its believers don't even think to ask that question; they just believe. A strong myth within a company's culture can influence the way employees interact with customers, for better or for worse.
stories written by the players about the characters
a traditional story of unknown authorship, ostensibly with a historical basis, but serving usually to explain some phenomenon of nature, or the customs, institutions, religious rites, ect. of a people; myths usually involve the exploits of gods and heroes. "Myths narrate a sacred history; it relates an event that took place in primordial time...of the "beginnings"...Myths always an account of a 'creation' how something was produced, began to be...Myths describe the various and sometimes dramatic breakthroughs of the sacred into the world.[Back to Glossary Index
the central narratives of a religious tradition.