Definitions for "Legends "
Legends is a fast-paced first-person-perspective online multiplayer game. It is designed to take advantage of the beautiful environments available from the Torque engine it is based on, while still offering the breakneck pacing and variety of styles available from such classics as Quake and Tribes. The addition of a jetpack adds a new dimension to mobility.
Legends was the seventh set and the third expansion set, released in June 1994. It was the first expansion set to be sold in packs of 15 (previous expansions had been sold in packs of 8). The set, like Antiquities, was created by the group of students at the University of Pennsylvania that had helped Richard Garfield design the original game.
Legends is a 13-volume classic rock CD-set released in 2005 by Time-Life Records, containing 238 songs from the 1960s through the 1980s. It was not sold in stores, but sold directly by Time-Life.
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Legends is the fifth album by rap group Above The Law.
Legends is the second solo studio album by Bob Catley.
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There is no word in the English language which expresses the role of oral tradition in Native cultures. Sometimes words like legend or myth are used but these do not adequately represent the value, importance, and validity of oral tradition.
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Legends was a six issue comic book limited series published in 1986-1987 by DC Comics, which had plot threads running through several other DC comic titles, crossing over into them (each individual crossover/tie-in had a Legends Chapter # header on the cover). The series was plotted by John Ostrander, scripted by Len Wein, pencilled by John Byrne, and inked by Karl Kesel.
Legends is a collection of short stories by a number of noteworthy fantasy authors, edited by Robert Silverberg. All the stories were original to the collection, and set in the authors' established fictional worlds.
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A legend identifies features upon a map within a theme, e.g. Arterial Roads, Gravel Roads, Rail, and Trail elements make up the Transportation theme.
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small tables of information that link an icon or picture to the information it stands for