Definitions for "Solo"
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A tune, air, strain, or a whole piece, played by a single person on an instrument, or sung by a single voice.
Performing, or performed, alone; uncombined, except with subordinate parts, voices, or instruments; not concerted.
Solo or soloing is the practice of playing an RPG alone (i.e., without a live teammate). While this is fun, most online RPGs are geared at least as much to grouping with teams and, in some cases, soloing is impossible.
a hit by only one gamester. Can be a sign of style and class, although it may also point to the obscurity of the selection. The classiest solos are those which are widely known and totally unexpected. For the single-season record for most solos, click here.
A single shot of espresso. See also Doppio.
a single referee in control of a game on his/her own.
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A monitoring mode which allows the isolation of a channel or group of channels on a console via headphones for monitoring or troubleshooting purposes. See PFL, AFL, SIP
A function that allows the operator to listen to a selected channel on it's own but complete with all relevant effects, by automatically muting all other inputs. It is effectively the same as PFL in most respects.
Another term for PFL. Listening to one (solo) channel of a mixer. see PFL
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In Australia, Solo is a lemon-flavored soft drink manufactured by Cadbury Schweppes.
Solo is a comic book series that was published bimonthly by DC Comics, beginning in October 2004. Each issue has 48 pages plus covers, with no ads.
Solo was a 1996 science fiction, action film from Columbia/Tristar Studios. It was directed by Norberto Barba, who has since primarily produced television series. The film was based on the novel Weapon by Robert Mason, and was adapted for the script by David L.
A one-person kayak.
Refers to one-person kayak, either sit-on-top or cockpit.
A canoe designed for a single paddler, seated amidships, using either the traditional canoe paddle or the double-bladed kayak paddle. In most cases, a better option for odd numbered parties than traveling three to a canoe.
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Solo Sonata Form
Sonata Form Song Form
an improvised passage over music.
A section of music performed by only one performer.
composition for one performer
a lone person's flight
A condition of flight that can only exist when the pilot is the sole occupant of the aircraft, i.e., no passengers or instructor. Applicants for pilot certificates must log at least a specified amount of solo time for each certificate.
a flight in which the aircraft pilot is unaccompanied
Abbreviation for free solo, climbing without protection or aid.
To climb without ropes. High-risk; carries the near-certainty of decking out if you mess things up. Enormously satisfying when it works, though possibly not for observers. Americans call this "free soloing" to distinguish it from "roped soloing" (climbing on your own but using ropes).
n. A mercenary who works the streets. A `for-hire' combat specialist. Used as bodyguards, assassins, and soldiers, individually or in groups.
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A hit that only one person had. If another player picked that celeb as their wildcard, the player still gets credit for a solo.
rush by a player without assistance from a teammate.
This is a brand name of a debit card which allows purchases to be made but has no cheque guarantee function.
Solo is a debit card produced by Switch Card Services in the UK, specifically for people under 18 or on lower incomes. One particular feature of the card is that all transactions require electronic authorisation from the issuing bank. Such authorisation will not be given if there are not sufficient funds in the cardholder's account, and the funds are earmarked, if not transferred, immediately.
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Solo is an Eclipse RCP based meta search engine, end users can config it to search in sites they care, such as online book stores, forums, news portals and other general search engines like google, and return structured results.
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Rochester PD motorcycle unit.
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SOLO is an x86 bootloader that can directly load and execute protected-mode 32-bit ELF, a.out, and plan9-a.out binaries. It contains a simple boot shell and can run customized scripts to provide boot menus, password protection, etc., at boot time.
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The administrative computer system used to record information on registered job seekers and on the employment services being provided. It contains administrative record data from 1996 onwards.
bicycle constructed for one, in comparison with the tandem.
A game format using individual versus team scoring, typically, this game uses traditional Empire parameters.
An event in which individual swimmers compete against one another.
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combustion air
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an improvization of notes usually in a scale that fits the key