Definitions for "Cappella"
a coral form of music, defined as unaccompanied singing
a genre of music performed without instruments where all parts are produced vocally
a music style originally
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a loving, and appropriately nutty, tribute to a master by some fellow musicians who appreciate his art and are grateful for the role he played in launching their careers
a valuable addition to any collection of poetry, Mennonite and non-Mennonite alike
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a stunning architectural accent to warm the mind and spirit during your own private evening vespers
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a superb holiday offering
a registered trademark of Maestro Consulting, LLC
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a wave breaking on a sunset beach
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an open invitation to join in the circle, but it won't sweep you up unless you let it
a perfectly acceptable, not to mention consistent with Church practice of the first several centuries, alternative
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a full service, off site catering company
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See A cappella.