Definitions for "InterMezzo"
An interlude; an intermede. See Intermede.
In opera, a short instrumental passage that connects the larger sections of a composition or provides a dramatic transition between moods. Intermezzos can be separate, self-contained works of music. NEA CD: "Intermezzo" from Mascagni's Cavalleria rusticana (Rustic Chivalry), Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Alexander Rahbari, conductor
An Italian forerunner of opera that was performed between the acts of long tragedies to serve as a diversion. Popular at the end of the Renaissance period, they included madrigal-style singing, a loose story line, and spectacular scenery. They were performed by choruses, soloists, and large instrumental ensembles. ( Lesson 8, Page 1) HEAR IT
InterMezzo is a high availability file system with disconnected operation and persistent caching. It exploits existing Linux file systems as the cache and has protocols similar to Coda.
Intermezzo is a distributed file system for Linux. It was inspired from coda but uses the disk file system as a persistent cache. Intermezzo supports disconnected operation but does not yet implement an identification system. InterMezzo has recovery and scales to large file systems.
Intermezzo (also called Intermezzo: A Love Story) is a 1939 romantic film made in the USA by Selznick International Pictures. It was directed by Gregory Ratoff and produced by David O. Selznick.
Intermezzo is a Swedish language film starring Gösta Ekman and Ingrid Bergman in the leads. This film was a breakout film for Ingrid Bergman and led to her going to America a few years later to act in the remake of it, this time opposite Leslie Howard.
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