Definitions for "cache"
That which is hidden in a cache{2}; a hoard; a stockpile.
A form of memory in a computer which has a faster access time than most of main memory, and is usually used to store the most frequently accessed data in main memory during execution of a program.
To store in a cache{1}.
Larger deposits of treasure that generally consist of money and valuable objects
Any intentionally buried or secreted hoard of valuables.
A collection of valuables, usually coins or jewelry
A hole in the ground, or other hiding place, for concealing and preserving provisions which it is inconvenient to carry.
A pile of food hidden away for Winter. Some squirrels and birds cache nuts and seeds to get them through cold weather.
1. A hiding place for supplies, as on a hiking trip, or any supplies so hidden. 2. Supplies suspended in the air to prevent animals from getting to them
This term is pronounced like "cash" -- not "catch," and definitely not "cashé." ...
Pronounced "cash" - In geocaching it is a hidden container filled with a log book and pencil/pen, and possibly prizes. Caches were often used by explorers, miners, etc. to hide foodstuffs and other items for emergency purposes. People still hide caches of supplies today for similar reasons. Geocaching comes from the terms "geo" and "cache" to explain the sport. Some caches have cash in them, but there is no pun intended :)
A buffer usually built and maintained at the device level.
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An object or landmark that is the desired goal of a hunt. Some containers used for caches are ammo boxes, plastic airtight containers, and even film canisters. Landmarks can be any visual item such as a waterfall, vista, statue, etc.
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Obsolete for: .
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The stuff you never have enough of, especially when everyone goes out after work.
needed when you run out of food stamps
the place on YOUR computer where the files you are viewing have gone when you 'hit' a website.
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A general term used to describe a data holding facility. A specific function of the IBM Coupling Facility.
(Context: DNS) "Cached" or "caching" describes the act of temporarily saving DNS data in case of repetitive queries. Men&Mice
Redirection (CacheEnforcer) A network device that intercepts client HTTP requests and forwards them to one or more cache servers.
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EVIL. This held us back the most while building the site.
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Firewall Java Search engine
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see Archive
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IP Address Session
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Used to Buy Things
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Command line Compressed file
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A collection of items kept in one location.
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See result cache.