Definitions for "Reload"
The event of a Cisco router rebooting, or the command that causes the router to reboot.
In computers, to reload is to start a program over again, usually because it has crashed or because it has begun to display aberrant behavior. When the program is closed and reopened, settings generally revert to default values and the problem is usually solved. However, sometimes the problems are caused by entities outside the program, in which case the programming adage "If all else fails, reboot" applies. Reload is also sometimes used to mean reinstall.
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To load again, as a gun.
The time in which a player is vulnerable as they must reload a weapon they are using because it has run out of ammunition.
load anew with ammunition, "She reloaded the gun carefully"
This will refresh the page, sometimes programmed by websites to automatically refresh after a certain amount of time.
a button on the toolbar in Netscape that will bring up the page that you currently see
In browsers such as Netscape, the command that reloads a document into the browser window from its original local or remote source.
This article is about the 1999 Tom Jones album, not to be confused with the album ReLoad by heavy metal band Metallica.
Reload is a song from American Industrial Metal band Ministry. The song was the third single from the band's 1996 album Filth Pig. The single was unsuccessful and failed to reach a position on any chart.
an expression used when a shot is certainly out of play. Example: "After hitting my shot into the lake I reloaded and my next shot was right in the middle of the fairway."
A request for an item followed by another request for the same item with no other requests inbetween in the same visit. These can be cause by the user hitting the reload button, but subsequent attempts to complete a failed download, and because requests that would otherwise have occured were satisfied by a cache.
A request for an item followed by another request for the same item, in the same visit, with no other requests in between. These can be caused by the visitor hitting the reload button, but might result from subsequent attempts to complete a failed download, or because requests that would otherwise have been in-between, were satisfied by a cache.
A cartridge that has been reassembled with a new primer, powder, and projectile.
RELOAD is an energy drink that was launched in Montreal, Canada in 2003. After ranking first in sales in Quebec in the first week and 3rd in Canada the same year, RELOAD changed to a new size (330ml) and a resealable plastic bottle.
RELOAD is a JISC-funded project, developing tools to facilitate the use of emerging Learning Technology Interoperability specifications such as those produced by ADL and IMS.
Kit containing propellant, ejection charge etc. to be used with reusable rocket motors
The act of replacing an edition in the workspace with a different edition from the repository.
An area where logs are dumped and reloaded or transferred as a unit to another mode of transportation.
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To buy more prepaid wireless minutes.