Definitions for "ACP"
Auto Colt Pistol. Developed by John Browning in 1905 and adopted by the United States Ordinance Department, with the Colt-Browning automatic pistol, in 1911, it has also been made the official military handgun calibre by several other governments. The 45 was replaced in 1985 as the official military handgun cartridge by the 9mm Parabellum.
Automatic Colt Pistol ACP is an abbreviation used to describe the real-steel .45 calibre semi-automatic pistol bullet.  Invented by Colt for their 1911 range, this bullet is larger and more powerful than many, but the increased size does not allow many rounds to be stored in the gun prior to shooting.  Airsoft Colt 45 replicas are often called 'Airsoft Colt 45ACP replicas', although they actually still use the same 6mm plastic BB that is used throughout airsoft.
(n.) "Automatic Colt Pistol." Proprietary term used by Colt to identify certain cartridges used in their semiautomatic pistols. E.g., .25 ACP, .32 ACP, .380 ACP, .45 ACP.
Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific region countries. Does not include North African countries or Republic of South Africa.
Countries. Refers to 69 countries --most of them former colonies of member states of the European Community (Sec. III) --receiving preferential tariff treatment as well as EC financial and technical assistance under the Lome Convention. See also entry under same heading in Section III.
African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries / Cotonou Agreement
Access Control Protocol. Active Matrix Typically used for laptop color screens and, increasingly, for flat desktop Screens. Known as "active matrix" displays, transistors are built into each pixel within the screen. For example, 640x480 color VGA screen requires 921,600 transistors; one for each red, green and blue dot. Also called TFT LCD (thin film transistor LCD). ActiveX A program introduced by Microsoft that is used to instruct certain technologies how to involve (COM) component object model and (OLE) object linking and embedding functions. ActiveX can be incorporated within most programming languages. It lets Web site creators make interactive, multi-media Web pages and links Microsoft Desktop products to the World Wide Web.
Army Comptroller Program
Agriculture Control Program (Water Quality Management); Air Carcinogen Policy
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Analyst Case Processing System. DDD's automated case processing/management system. Generates correspondence, enables management information capacity, transmits case decision and folder movement data to the Social Security Administration's federal data base.
Administrative Contact Person.
Administrative Command Post, the part of the CP function that manages logistics, the press, communications, and related operational support. The ACP is obe of two CPs, the other being the Tactical Command Post, where the operation is planned, directed, and commanded. Xou get y cup of coffee and a donut at the ACP.
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rmored ommand ost.
AJUNTA CAVE PICTURES. Buddhist paintings of the Jesus Family in Kashmir while Jesus was reigning as Meghavahana and Pravarasena I. Their importance first seen by Sue Marie Olsson in India.
See adapter configuration profile.
adapter configuration profile. In a Tivoli environment, an IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console profile that contains information for one or more event adapters.
Access Control Protocol. Bay Networks software utility that provides a wide range of security features to Annex and Remote Annex users, including password authentication, dialback, per user profiles, and access to third-party authentication systems such as Kerberos, Safeword, or SecurID.
Audax Club Parisien. A cycle touring club in Paris, France begun in 1904 to promote randonneur cycling. The ACP grants approval for and registers the results from brevets worldwide.
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Group Automotive Component Producer
ATM Inverse Multiplexer (AIMUX) Control Protocol. OAM cells that contain group level information. ACP cells set up and configure the multiple links as an ordered set (group), arbitrate for a group ID in order to synchronize the streams between two AIMUX units, and monitor changes to the group status. A reserved VPI/VCI value of 0, 22 is used for ACP cells.
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Air cooling power. Takes into account the dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures, wind speed, and other factors such as radiant heat, essentially the ability of air to cool the body. This ability is strongly influenced by the clothing and PPE worn, the heavier the clothing, the more difficult it is for air to cool the body. (Brake, Donahue & Bates 1998.)
air control point
Air Cadet Publication
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Autoridad del Canal de Panamá
Actual Contribution Percentage. In a 401k plan, this is the result of the average of ratios of combined contributions to compensation for both highly compensated and non-highly compensated employees. Each employee's ratio is calculated and then averaged for the group.
ACP stands for Annual Compensation Payment. It is the regular payment you receive when you are made redundant. ACPs are paid from the date you leave as a result of redundancy, through to the date your pension comes into payment.
Average Contribution Percentage. a nondiscrimination test applied to employer matching and employee (after-tax) contributions, to determine if those contributions discriminate in favor of highly compensated employees.
Macrovision’s Analogue Copy Protection system for DVD-Video developed and patented by Macrovision. ACP is supported by most DVD players, and causes VCR s to make distorted copies, with no entertainment value.
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Allianz Capital Partners
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ASUS Certified Professional
Measure of solvency of hydrocarbon solvents
An Aurora Convenience Pack, one of the Convenience Packs for Warp Server for e-Business, which had the internal code name Aurora.
Assistant Commissioners of Police
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American College of Physicians