Definitions for "Puerto Rico"
a self-governing commonwealth associated with the United States occupying the island of Puerto Rico
the smallest and easternmost of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean
Puerto Rico accounting glossary
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San Juan 11 11
Child Support Enforcement Department of Social Services P.O. Box 9023349 San Juan, PR 00902-3349 Street Address: Majagua Street, Bldg. 2 Wing 4, 2nd Floor Rio Pedras, PR 00902-9938 (787) 767-1500 FAX: (787) 282-7411 (no toll-free number)
Mision Industriel P.O. Box 363728 San Juan, PR 00936-37218 ph:(809)765-4303 fax:(809)754-6462
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Asopao (a mixture of rice and chicken), okra soup, adobo (a marinade of lemon, or vinegar, garlic, pepper, salt and spices), or sofrito ( sautéed onions, garlic, and green pepper)
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Bacardi 8 Anos Bacardi Select Black Captain Morgan Private Stock Ron Barrilito 3 Star
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Edwin Colon-Cosme President Caguas Institute of Mechanical Technology, Inc.
Water Resources Research Institute
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a certified provider of continuing education under AIA/CES guidelines
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No statutes found.
universal disability and maternity leave
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a territory belonging to the United States
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No current entries
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State Energy Office 809-724-8774
pr st ti 16 s 1330