Definitions for "AIA"
The Automated Imaging Association is a non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting the use of image capture and analysis technology
ARCHAEOLOGICAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT. A study that attempts to identify and evaluate heritage resources within a proposed development area as well as the assessment of possible impacts by the development on these sites. This work forms the basis for determining the need for additional mitigative work.
Archaeology org uk Association for Industrial Archaeology
AMERICAN INSURANCE ASSOCIATION. A trade and service organization of capital stock property and casualty companies which serves as a forum to discuss industry issues. Also provides investigative services and a means to review safety topics.
The American Institute of Architects
American Institute of Architects, the professional organization of architects in America
Associazione Italiana Allevatori Roma - Via Tomassetti, 9
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merican nstitute of rchitects
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Army Intelligence Agency
PƒŠ[‹óŒRŠî'n‚É‚ ‚é‹óŒRî•ñ‹ÇBAir Intelligence Agency
Air Intelligence Agency (U.S. Air Force)
Afghan Interim Administration
Authority Information Access