Definitions for "AICC"
An international association of technology-based training professionals that develops training guidelines for the aviation industry. AICC has and is developing standards for interoperability of computer-based and computer-managed training products across multiple industries. See the AICC Website.
The Aviation Industry CBT Committee has developed interoperability standards that software vendors can use across multiple industries to ensure reusability and interoperability. AICC recommendations are fairly general to most types of computer based training and, for this reason, are widely used outside of the aviation training industry.
All India Congress Committee
Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control. Also known as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC). Dynamic speed and distance control in relation to the vehicle in front using on-board equipment.
American Indian Children's Council.
Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce
Australia International Cultural Council
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A body responsible for maintaining standards for computer-managed instruction. Back to top of glossary