Definitions for "ASC"
The Academic Support Center is located on the 3rd floor of the Cooper Library. The ASC provides academic support for students seeking help with specific courses, as well as with time management and other college success skills.
Application Support Center
AXAF Science Center, center for the analysis of AXAF data and general scientific support and analysis in the post-launch AXAF phase.
An abbreviation for Aero Sports Connection.
Australian Sports Commission
the Alberta Securities Commission.
Atlas subluxation complex. An alleged entity that some chiropractors feel is the most common and the most serious vertebral misalignment. Chiropractors who practice specific "upper cervical techniques" focus on the ASC.
Atlas Subluxation Complex. An atlas that has lost its alignment with the vertical axis in one or more planes, resulting in neuromuscular stresses which in turn produce malalignments of the spine and pelvis and contiguous structures.
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Accredited Standards Committee
The UK Accounting Standards Committee, which set standards from 1970 to 1990, when the ASB took over the activity.
Accredited Standards Committees - Accredited by ANSI to develop national standards for various industries.
Association of Security Consultants. The UK association for professional independent CCTV consultants.
Association for Survey Computing (a market research association)
Association of Scottish Colleges
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Apple Sound Chip. A custom chip that, in conjunction with other circuitry, generates a stereo sound signal that drives the internal speaker or an external sound jack
See: Apple Sound Chip (ASC)
Automatic Slope Control. Circuitry which permits amplifier response compensation for varying slope (tilt) at its input.
Application Service Provider; EDI providers that offer monthly EDI services that are available via the web.
AFAQ Service Confiance (AFAQ confidence service)
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The ascii function returns the ascii code of the first character of str.
Additional Sense Codes. Further categorizes the error.
Alternate Start Code
filter frequency monophonic sideband
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Agence spatiale canadienne
Administrative Staff Conference; a group composed of administrative/supervisory personnel from all areas of the Libraries which meets on a regular basis to discuss matters of concern to the effective and efficient operation of the Libraries
Advanced Simulation and Computing (formerly ASCI, Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative)
Advance Shipping Confirmation
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Army Service Corps
Army of the Southern Cross.
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armored scout car
Average Class Size
average system cost. The cost of a utility's generation and transmission system. Under the Residential Exchange provisions of the Northwest Power Act, a utility may sell power to BPA at the utility's average system cost and purchase the same amount of power back from BPA at a rate based on the costs of the Federal Base System.
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ATM fees (MyTravel help)
AuthorIT Software Corporation Ltd.
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Available Supply Capacity. The agreed maximum supply capacity, measured in kVa, which a customer is allowed to take from the distribution system through their connection point. Customers pay a monthly charge for each unit of capacity. The maximum demand should not exceed the ASC.
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colon, ascending
Active Stability Control
Automatic Stability Control.
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Air Surveillance & Control
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Circle Trip Combinability
Acronym of " Altered State of Consciousness".
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Air Soft Canada (this site you're in)
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see Adaptive Shift Control.
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Asked Price
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Annual Support Charge
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ASCII text (file name extension)
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ASCII image file format.