Definitions for "ANSI"
merican ational tandards ct
a private organization that coordinates the setting and approval of some U.S. standards. It also represents the United States to the International Standards Organization.
Acronym for the merican ational tandards nstitute. Founded in 1918, ANSI is a voluntary organization composed of over 1,300 members (including all the large computer companies) that creates standards for the computer industry. For example, ANSI is a version of the C language that has been approved by the ANSI committee. To a large degree, all ANSI C compilers, regardless of which company produces them, should behave similarly. In addition to programming languages, ANSI sets standards for a wide range of technical areas, from electrical specifications to communications protocols. For example, FDDI, the main set of protocols for sending data over fiber optic cables, is an ANSI standard.
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HCC Polymer
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Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) An Application Specific Integrated Circuit is a chip designed for a specific application. Examples of an ASIC application can be SDSL or other broadband solutions.
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Computers use several different methods for deciding how to put information on your screen and how your keyboard interacts with the screen. ANSI is one of these "terminal emulation" methods. Although most popular on PC-based bulletin-board systems, it can also be found on some Net sites. To use it properly, you will first have to turn it on, or enable it, in your communications software.
ANSI graphics is a set of cursor control codes which originated on the VT100 smart terminal. Many BBS's use these codes to help improve the sending of characters to communications programs. It uses the escape character, followed by other characters, which allows movement of the cursor on the screen, a change of colour, and more.
Area of Natural and Scientific Interest – Areas of land and water containing natural landscapes or features that have been identified as having life science or earth sciences values related to protection, scientific study or education.
Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest which are recognized as centers of species and habitat richness
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Acronym for "Another Nonsensical String of Initials".
to achieve compatibility between data devices.
An ANSI X3.27-compatible format that allows file splitting and the backup of device-special devices.
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A man Never Say Impossible
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Five digit numbering system in national use for designing lamp types.
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