Definitions for "FIPS"
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ederal nformation rocessing tandard USA standard for encryption. 3. Glossary G - N
A set of specifications produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for the U.S. federal government. FIPS specifications address communications, encryption, interoperability, hardware and other technical areas.
U.S. Federal Implementation Planning Standards
FIPS (Fully Interactive Partition Splitter) is a DOS program for non-destructive splitting of hard disk partitions. Splitting partitions is an alternative to deleting the partitions and creating new ones using software such as fdisk, the advantage of which is that the data is not lost. The most common use is installing multiple operating systems on a single computer.
Firefighter Integrated Protection System
a code number assigned to each state and county within the United States. It is used by Child Support Enforcement Units to identify the enforcing state and county in collection reports to the state department.
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Five Interested Parties