Definitions for "Protection"
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A writing that protects or secures from molestation or arrest; a pass; a safe-conduct; a passport.
The EU believes that people unable to stay in their home country for fear of being persecuted should be given protection or asylum in the first safe country they reach. (See Asylum: Subsidiary protection of asylum-seekers, Temporary protection)
in mountaineering, special anchor points established during a roped party climb to limit potential fall distances, protecting climbers from severe fall/ground-fall consequences
A theory, or a policy, of protecting the producers in a country from foreign competition in the home market by the imposition of such discriminating duties on goods of foreign production as will restrict or prevent their importation; -- opposed to free trade.
Government measures --including tariffs and non-tariff barriers --that raise the cost of imported goods or otherwise restrict their entry, and thus strengthen the competitive position of domestic producers vis-a-vis foreign producers. See protectionism (Sec. II).
(TT): therapeutic procedures to protect the client from the adverse effects of negative script elements during therapy. Therapy involve dismantling the defensive structure that underlies the script. This may leave the client vulnerable to injunctions or other toxic... material. An important aspect of protection is the closure of ESCAPE HATCHES.... p. 95
payment extorted by gangsters on threat of violence; "every store in the neighborhood had to pay him protection"
an extortion scheme
Order - Court order to protect one from domestic violence or harassment.
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The act of protecting, or the state of being protected; preservation from loss, injury, or annoyance; defense; shelter; as, the weak need protection.
That which protects or preserves from injury; a defense; a shield; a refuge.
to give protection from physical harm
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Protection Schutz
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A characteristic of an organism that is used to prevent damage being done to itself, such as thorns on a plant (prevents grazing) or the armoured shell of a tortoise that keeps predators away from its internal organs. Protection can also be behavioural as in hiding until danger is past or puffing up to look bigger and so scare an attack away.
The prevention of unauthorized users from reading, or writing, a particular piece of data. Also known as "authentication", "access control", etc. (More...)
Coatings and layers on metallic materials serving to prevent damage from corrosion.
mechanisms such as fee title acquisition, conservation easements or binding agreements with landowners that ensure land use and land management practices will remain compatible with maintenance of the species population at the site.
With respect to ecosystems, it means regulatory, resource management and public education programs aimed at ensuring they are maintained in as natural a state as possible. In the context of cultural resources, protection has a range of meanings. It may refer to the basic maintenance of a resource, often as a preliminary to other work; it may be used as a synonym for preservation or conservation, or it may refer to an administrative regime under which a site/resource is managed or protected.
Sites that have existing laws or regulations that are designed and applied to afford the site with increased protection for part or all of the natural and submerged cultural resources therein for the purpose of maintaining or enhancing the long-term conservation of these resources, beyond any general protections that apply outside the site.
( couverture ou protection) The coverage afforded by the policy and is frequently used interchangeably with the word "coverage." Also refers to the protection of a fire risk in areas served by a fire department.
In general, the total coverage afforded by an insurance policy.
Coverage afforded by an insurance contract.
The notion that batting slugger A behind slugger B will somehow improve slugger B's performance as he will see many more fastballs and pitches to hit. Based on the logic that pitchers will suddenly decide that the best way to retire slugger B is to throw him a lot of fastballs and pitches to hit.
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a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury; "they had no protection from the fallout"; "wax provided protection for the floors"
a bit less prevalent and UVA can be just as damaging in the long term as UVB
Damage reduced by 2
A backup copy of a recording made in case the primary recording has problems.
In DPM, the process of protecting data from loss or corruption by centrally creating and maintaining replicas and shadow copies of the data. DPM is designed to provide short-term disk-based backup, to support rapid and reliable recovery of data. See Also: recovery
Dealer is responsible for watching and servicing their end of the table. Stickman handles Proposition Bets and watches the pay-offs of dealer who is servicing the end of the table to which the dice were rolled. Boxman confirms the accuracy of the result of the dice and watches pay-offs on end of table from which the dice were thrown.
Occurs when exchange trading is closed and used with the purpose of reducing a grain buyer's hedging risk. It reduces the price a seller would get for the grain. Typically refers a "cushion" that commercial grain buyers give themselves in addition to normal basis when they are concerned about prices dropping at the time the exchange resumes trading (when the market opens). An example: on July 1, the upper Midwest had received no rain for 2.5 weeks and prices were higher in that period. Unexpectedly, a rain occurs after trading hours, giving crops relief. Grain buyers might then take "30 cents protection in the beans," with the anticipation the rains will drive prices much lower on the open. The net effect is that a person selling beans before the market opens would get 30 cents less.
The counter-balancing concept of privacy protection provides that public institutions should protect the privacy of individuals with respect to information about themselves held by institutions, and that individuals have a right of access to their own personal information.
kindly endorsement and guidance; "the tournament was held under the auspices of the city council"
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a method of trying to lower the losses of someone who has been attacked multiple times
Protection (1994) is Bristol-based trip-hop collective Massive Attack's second album.
the condition of being protected; "they were huddled together for protection"; "he enjoyed a sense of peace and protection in his new home"
Doing things to take care of yourself or someone else. It could be doing something to stop something dangerous from happening or not taking a risk. Latex condoms are also called PROTECTION because they stop someone from getting STDs, during ORAL, VAGINAL, or ANAL SEX.
the activity of protecting someone or something; "the witnesses demanded police protection"
A stain resistant application applied either during finishing or after as a topical coat. Normally 3m Scothguard.
The amount of time before and after the assigned mailing date when a list owner will not allow the same names to be mailed by anyone other than the mailer cleared for that specific date.
The amount of time before and after the assigned mailing date, during which the list owner will not allow the same names to be mailed by anyone other than the direct marketing merchant cleared for the specific date.
All of the relays and other equipment which are used to open the necessary circuit breakers to clear lines or equipment when trouble develops.
A principle of plant disease control in which a barrier is placed between suscept and pathogen (e.g., the use of protective chemical dusts or sprays). ( 20)
ensuring that human activities are now allowed to occur which will result in the unacceptable degradation of the quality of an environment.
The actions taken to limit the adverse environmental, social, political, and economical effects of fire.
Steps taken to protect current or future releases into the ground or groundwater.
1) Security ( q.v.). 2) Used more narrowly to denote mechanisms and techniques that control the access of executing programs to stored information.
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This refers to the insurance you can have on your card to protect you in times that you may not be able to make payments, such as the loss of a job. In addition, there is insurance to protect you if your card is lost or stolen.
Any device or code designed to make copying the game difficult. As a side effect, tends to make emulation difficult (because anything you can emulate, you can reproduce). Encryption is a form of protection.
Protection, in the life insurance realm, is the benefit paid to beneficiaries in the event of the policyholder's death. Protection is also known as a life insurance claim or the death benefit.
The cover you have under your insurance policy. This includes the level of additional benefits such as Critical Illness, Inflation Protection and other related optional extras.
the level of security desired on an account, such as that defined in a profile