Definitions for "Importer"
One who imports; the merchant who brings goods into a country or state; -- opposed to exporter.
A person or firm that buys coffee form a producing country and brings it into a nonproducing country.
The party that has contracted to buy goods. Also known as buyer or applicant.
A transporter that functions in the inward direction.
transporter which functions in the inward direction.
Any dealer who introduces molluscan shellfish into domestic commerce. An importer has ownership of the shellfish, but need not take physical custody of the shellfish. (3)
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A person who imports a natural health product into Canada for the purpose of sale.
A person who imports a NHP (including bulk NHPs) into Canada for the purpose of sale.
a person who expects high level of service, more sophisticated and demanding less patient, forgiving with respect to all aspects of his import arrangements
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see shipper
The Register of Fish Importers (IMPORTER) comprises some 6,000 names and addresses of producers, importers, exporters involved in trade of fishery products.
An importer is a software application that reads in a data file in one format and converts it to another format via special algorithms (such as filters). An importer often is not an entire program by itself, but an extension to another program, implemented as a plug-in. When implemented in this way, the importer reads the data from the file and converts it into the hosting application's native format.