Definitions for "Imports"
cargo of foreign origin that is shipped to Rotterdam, unloaded and subsequently brought into free inland circulation in the Netherlands or put into bond
goods and services that individuals and businesses in a country purchase from foreign countries
Items bought / brought in to this country from another.
Vehicle importation into Ireland has been on the rise steadily. All second hand imported vehicles are deemed a higher risk. Be sure to see the previous registration before you buy. A Cartell report can disclose a previous UK registration enabling you to check the vehicle in the UK .
The number of vehicles imported through unofficial channels has increased significantly in recent years. There are many different definitions used with imports, but the main ones are 'Parallel', 'Personal' and 'Grey'. Parallel imports were originally destined for other European markets but have been brought into the UK as new vehicles by parties outside the manufacturer's official distribution chain. Personal imports are vehicles ordered by UK customers and sourced from dealers in the EU, either directly or by UK brokers. Grey imports are vehicles destined for other markets outside the EU and are being brought into the UK by parties outside the manufacturer's official distribution chain. The term is most frequently applied to Japanese-specification vehicles.
v.t. references or with as in "unit A imports unit B" or "sublibrary S imports sublibrary T"; . all units named in the context specification of a library unit (stated in its with clauses) and any supporting unit specifications introduced by the compiler, for example, the standard package SYSTEM. The imports of a secondary unit are all the units named in its context specification, any supporting unit requirements introduced by the compiler, its associated parent unit (if any), and the bodies of any generic specifications included among its other imports. The imports of a sublibrary are the all the sublibraries containing the imports of the units compiled in to that sublibrary. See sublibrary imports.
Municipal solid waste and recyclables that have been transported to a state or locality for processing or final disposition (but that did not originate in that state or locality).
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You must say if the car has been imported, even from the EU You may have to pay an extra premium
Power capacity or energy obtained by one utility from others under purchase or exchange agreement.