Definitions for "Exports"
goods which are sold to other countries.
Shipments of goods from within the 50 States and the District of Columbia to U.S. possessions and territories or to foreign countries.
Goods and services produced in one nation and sold to consumers in other nations. View Capstone Lesson(s) that address this concept
a leading Indian Manufacturer and Exporter of a wide range of Light Engineering Products
a leading manufacturer and exporter of Indian handicrafts of bronze, brass, antique art wares and handicrafts from India
a leading name in the Indentors community
Expost average rate of return Exposure netting
For a PowerAda compilation unit U, all the direct dependents of U. That is, the set of all units whose imports ( with) include U.
a dream house of apparel accessories for women
Power capacity or energy that a utility is required by contract to supply outside of its own service area and not covered by general rate schedules.
In solid waste program, municipal solid waste and recyclables transported outside the state or locality where they originated.
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