Definitions for "DAF"
The exporter's price includes the cost of the merchandise and all shipping costs to the named point at the border.
The seller fulfils his obligation to deliver when the goods have been made available, cleared for export, at the named point and place at the frontier, but before the customs border of the adjoining country.
A Term of Sale which means the sellers fulfill their obligation to deliver when the goods have been made available, cleared for export, at the named point and placed at the frontier, but before the customs Terms of Sale border of the adjoining country.
See Donor Advised Fund.
Donor Advised Fund — A donor advised fund is an investment fund run by a community foundation or other public charity. The donor deposits money in the fund by making donations to the organization that runs the fund. The donor can't ever withdraw the funds, but the donor can recommend that specific grants be made to eligible charitable recipients. The organization that runs the fund is free to accept or reject the recommendations, although in practice these organizations accept the vast majority of recommendations made.
Donor Advised Funds. The Kintera GivingFund administrative platform is part of the Kintera Directed Giving program, created to help consumers channel their gifts through donor advised funds, pooled income funds and workplace giving solutions. Donor advised funds enable individuals with philanthropic interests to efficiently manage their charitable giving by allowing them to make an irrevocable contribution of personal assets (cash, appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate) at the most advantageous time, claim a tax deduction for the gifts, and then direct contributions from their account to the charity or charities of their choice by recommending a grant distribution from the foundation sponsoring their account.
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Diallyl fumarate
A daf is a large-sized frame drum used to accompany both popular and classical music in Iran, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and other countries of the Middle East. Some dafs are equipped with rings or small cymbals, making them a form of tambourine.
(ףד) = page EJ = Encyclopedia Judaica. Disambiguate from the public domain and worthy (but "outdated") Jewish Encyclopedia.
DNA amplification fingerprinting. A method of general DNA amplification (cf., PCR) using a single primer of between 5 and 20 nucleotides in length (8-mers are optimal).
Depleted Anadromous Fish of concern to the Fisheries Service, DNR
Decay accelerating factor. A cell surface molecule on mammalian cells which limits activation and deposition of complement C3b.
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Folio, a page including both sides
Department of the Air Force
Dissolved air flotation
DAF (Dynamic Authentication Filter) is a third party authentication protection program. It is a complete package to handle Web user authentication on an NT/ IIS server. The authentication software keeps usernames, passwords and files private. The DAF Home Page is available at
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Daily Interest Account