Definitions for "DEQ"
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Abbreviation for the Incoterm "Delivered Ex Quay."
Context is: trade term. An international commercial term (Incoterm), meaning "delivered ex quay," that is used in international sales contracts to signify that the seller is responsible for all risks and costs incurred to have the goods delivered and unloaded at a named port of destination. This includes the obligation to contract and pay for freight and transportation costs by sea or inland waterway, unloading fees, export and import licensing fees, and other taxes (unless specifically excluded in the contract). The buyer is obligated only to assist in obtaining any import license or other official authorization necessary to import the goods. See also CFR; CIF; CIP; CPT; DAF; DDP; DDU; DES; EXW; FAS; FCA; FOB; Incoterms.
Delivered ex Quay (named port of destination) Similar to DES but the seller must also arrange discharge onto the quay or wharf.
Department of Environmental Quality
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