Definitions for "DDP"
Context is: trade term. An international commercial term (Incoterm), meaning "delivered duty paid," that is used in international sales contracts to signify the maximum obligation (just as EXW signifies the minimum obligation) on the seller's part. The seller is responsible for all risks and costs incurred to have goods delivered to a named destination. This includes the obligation to contract and pay for freight and transportation costs, unloading fees, export and import licensing fees, and other taxes. The buyer is obligated only to assist in obtaining any import license or other official authorization necessary to import the goods. See also CFR; CIF; CIP; CPT; DAF; DDU; DEQ; DES; EXW; FAS; FCA; FOB; Incoterms.
delivered duty paid. Shipment transaction term specifying that the seller is responsible for all import duties, taxes and charges.
delivered duty paid. road transport - haulage
See Default Display Protocol.
Default Display Protocol. When the images in a PACS are displayed on a workstation for reporting they will be placed in a standard or default format known as the Default Display Protocol. This is also referred to as the hanging protocol.
Disc Description Protocol, a standard for files accompanying CD and DVD data for glass mastering, which identifies and describes collections of data that will be recorded onto a compact disc ( CD) or digital versatile disc ( DVD). DDP allows for automated transfer of data from data publishers to disc manufacturers. DDP is the de facto standard in the DVD industry for delivering disc image data to the replication plant for manufacturing.
Developmental Disabilities Profile
Developmental Disability Program
An Entera text file that describes the development time characteristics of the application so that the Entera Interface Generator generates the correct client and server code.
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Deputy Director of Pathology
The Deputy Director of Plans (see DDO).
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Disk-based Data Protection This is where a disk or RAID system is used as a backup system instead of a tape drive or tape library.
isk-based ata rotection, in which a disk or RAID system is used as a backup system instead of a tape drive or tape library.
Shorthand for Platinol-Cisplatin. A chemotherapy agent used in many malignancies. It acts similar to an alkylating agent, although its exact mechanism of action is unknown, It interferes with the action of DNA in the cell cycle.
Distributed Data Processing. The use of computer systems or intelligent terminals within an organization to perform data processing and/or storage functions. The devices may or may not be interconnected via transmission facilities.
distributed data processing. Use of computer systems or intelligent terminals at multiple sites within an organization to perform data processing and/or storage functions.
DDP stands for Digital Development Processing. This an image processing routine used in MaxIm DL software. DDP processing allows both bright and dim parts of an astronomical object to be displayed at the same time. DDP essentially compresses washed-out regions of an object into a range that the computer can display. This process is especially useful on galaxies which have bright cores and faint spiral arms.
This deliverable illustrates in a concise and conceptual manner, the logical execution of the proposed activities from contract award to final review. It defines and includes decision points on which the course of the development depends. The plan is presented in the form of a flow chart with the proposal.
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Also known as "free domicile" or "free house."
Document-Driven Programming. The use of XML to define applications.