Definitions for "Data processing"
Data processing is the inputting of data into a database format. Once in this format, data can be tabulated and conclusions drawn as to the results of the market research findings.
Taking the raw data gathered by interviewers, finding and correcting any errors, tabulating it and creating spreadsheets similar types of documents so that response patterns can be read and interpreted.
A computer program such as SPSS is used to tabulate responses to questions and output the answers in the form of tables.
Recording, storing, calling up, and analyzing information with a computer program.
The execution of a systematic sequence of operations performed upon data. Synonymous with information processing.
A general term that stands for all the logical, arithmetic, and input/output operations that can be performed on data by a computer.
Data preparation and data analysis.
Doing some calculation or analysis with data to create a useful set of answers or conclusions.
Procedures followed in a GIS to prepare data for display, attribution, and analysis.
The inputting, analysing, cleansing and updating of records on a database.
Describes the functions of a transaction processing system. 13.35
the manual or electronic processing of all daily bookkeeping type transactions, which provides detailed reports for internal departments and customers
Application of procedures whereby data are changed from one form into another.
The means by which an accounting system gathers data, organizes them into useful forms, and issues the resulting information to users.