Definitions for "INFORMATION SYSTEM"
The organized collection, processing, transmission, and dissemination of information in accordance with defined procedures, whether automated or manual. Also called a record system or a system. Most often refers to a system containing electronic records, which involves input or source documents, records on electronic media, and output records, along with related documentation and any indexes. See also AUTOMATED INFORMATION SYSTEM (AIS), COMPUTER SYSTEM, DOCUMENTATION (3), ELECTRONIC RECORDS SYSTEM, INPUT, OUTPUT, SERIES.
components including information technology, people, and procedures that work together to provide appropriate information in the proper format whenever needed; one business can have multiple information systems.
system, typically computerised, that allows the capture, store, check, manipulation, integration and /or analysis of data.
a model of a small finite subset of the real world
a pair , where is a nonempty finite set called the universe, and is a nonempty finite set of attributes
The compound of components (or elements) that operate together in order to catch, process,store, and distribute information
A set of interoperating components purposed to represent, store and manage the information and knowledge of a domain.
Managing the flow of data in an organization in a systematic, structured way to assist in planning, implementing, and controlling.
a data table where each column is labeled by an attribute, and an object labels each row
a tool that allows this group of people to accomplish their individual tasks in an efficient manner and (in a successful company) in a way that is better than what is found in the competition
an Internet site - designed and built by the members of the disability community with staff support
a set of elements that interact to each other with the purpose of supporting the activities of a company or business
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a product that contains a medium for showing the information
A computing environment running business applications