Definitions for "Mis"
Wrong; amiss.
Also known as G-2, the War Department's Military Intelligence Service. The Intelligence Branch of the old MID became the MIS in March 1942 and assumed principal responsibility for collecting, evaluating, and disseminating intelligence information. Additional changes followed during the war, so that by 1944 MIS consisted of the following major components: 1) Information Group 2) Intelligence Group; 3) Administrative Group; and, 4) Counterintelligence Group.
Management Indicator Species. A plant or animal species selected to represent a particular ecological niche because of its habitat needs. Managers select indicator species from a wide range of habitat niches to assess the impacts of logging or other activities on wildlife.
Minimally invasive surgery. Surgery not conducted through a large incision which thereby avoids serious tissue damage and long recuperation periods. Also known as 'keyhole surgery'.
Minimally invasive surgery. A procedure carried out by a surgeon through a small incision using specialized equipment and endoscopic , or other visualization techniques not requiring direct access. In cardiology, this refers to procedures that do not require large chest incisions or opening of the sternum.
Minimally Invasive Surgery. Surgery done through multiple small incisions rather than a large, open procedure. .
Managment Information System
Municipal Information System. A type of GIS that focuses specifically on issues of concern to municipal governance.
This was once the predominant name for the central data-processing organization in an enterprise. Today, information systems (IS) is the more commonly used term. See IS.
malveolent inhuman spirit. an evil spirit that was never a human being, and that seeks to cause trouble and harm or worse.
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Missile Squadron (US)
Mixed Infection Syndrome. used to describe multiple, simultaneous and synergistic infections, such as viruses, candida albicans and parasites, that often occur together in CFS.
Mullerian Inhibiting Substance. Produced by the Sertoli cells, and inhibits Mullerian duct formation
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Main Interceptor Sewer
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Miscellaneous sectors.
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Medium-Imaging Survey [EXPTIME=1500 s
The department at most companies that everyone loves to hate....
PCT Meeting of International Authorities
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Moody s Investors Service
In general, a computer-based system that provides IT personnel with the necessary tools for categorizing, assessing, and efficiently running an organization's computer systems.
Market Intervention Scheme
Monthly Income Scheme
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Major Investment Study
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