Definitions for "Management System"
a framework based on a structured integration of best practice into operating systems - frequently built around the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle
a framework for managing and improving an organization's policies, procedures and processes
a set of interrelated elements used to establish policy and objectives and to achieve those objectives
An entity that manages a set of managed systems, which can be either NEs, subnetworks or other management systems.
A computer system that collects and analyses data from different sources, designed to provide an organisation's management with up-to-date information (such as reports, an inventory) at any time.
A set of powerful software programs that drive the SuccessMaker system. The Management System manages all the student enrollment and performance data and provides the means for teachers, lab managers, and administrators to organize the use of the courses on the system and to monitor progress.
a combination of processes and programs, supported by sufficient resources and an appropriate organization
a process of planning, executing, and control for all business processes in an organization
a process used to provide an organization with reasonable assurance that its work is conducted in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements, professional standards and the organization's own policies and procedures
a proactive approach to managing the issues of environment, health and safety
the interaction of people, processes and documentation to meet residents' stated and implied needs.
A systemised approach to management control (usually involving formal documentation and manuals containing operational instruction).
a comprehensive platform for managing and securing SOA applications at runtime
a systematic process, designed to assist decision-makers in making cost-effective use of limited resources to improve the efficiency of, and protect the investment in, the nation's existing and future transportation infrastructure
In software, the part of the program that tracks user responses and summarizes the results of an interactive session.
a major capital investment by any measure