Definitions for "MES"
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A computerized system that formalizes production methods and procedures within the manufacturing environment, providing online tools to execute work orders. The term is generally used to encompasses any manufacturing system not already classified in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) or open control system (OCS) categories. In the broadest definition, MESs include computerized maintenance management systems (CMMSs), laboratory information management systems (LIMSs), shop floor controls, statistical process systems, quality control systems, and specialized applications such as batch reporting and control. See ERP, OCS, CMMS and LIMS.
Management Execution System. By monitoring labour resources, process history and machine usage & failures, a MES will help various features such as preventive maintenance, employee time & attendance, quantity maintenance and operator data.
Management Execution System. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
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Minature Edison Screw. 10mm diameter version of the standard ES (Edsion Screw) lamp base family. See also ES, LES, GES, SES
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Matiè res En Suspension
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See meso-.
The generic name used to describe an Inmarsat-approved terminal which is allowed to access the network, and applicable to both maritime and land mobile communications.
Mobile Earth Station
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Managed Email Service, dns MSS service to filter email for SPAM and viruses
mixed, middle (_Mesembryanthemum_ = "mid-day flower")
Maryland Environmental Service
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Message or WP Macro Editor Work Space
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medical equipment set
medical equipment sets
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Visual Basic