Definitions for "TMS"
transcranial magnetic stimulation. A procedure that transmits pulses of high-intensity magnetism to the brain. go to glossary index
Transcranial magnetic stimulation. a promising but still experimental treatment for depression using a high-intensity magnetic field briefly applied to the scalp to alter neuronal function in the area of the brain beneath.
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. A small magnetic current delivered to an area of the brain to promote plasticity and healing.
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tutms is tutorial management system that will be web based and will power many of the top tutorial websites.
See Transportation Management System
Traffic Management System. Any measure to improve the operations of a facility without construction of additional roadway lanes. Examples of TMS include Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), ramp metering, and closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera surveillance, and vehicle detection.
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Trimethyl silyl
Turing Machine Simulator / features: -klick-creation -in depth-simulation and analysis -few optimization algorithms -assembler to turing machine converter
Thematic Mapper Simulator; Topographic Mapping Service (Geomatics Canada); TIGER Mapping Service
Trouble Musculo Squelettique
Tension Myositis Syndrome
Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome
The Masonry Society.
The Mastocytosis Society.
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Trend Momentum Sentiment Khalsa_PC1
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Telemate Script
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Abbreviation of tri-methyl-silane (-SiMe3).
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See total milk solids.
Total milk solids. Primarily milk fat, proteins, lactose, and minerals.
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Toyota Motor Sales
Track Monitor Special
Truth-Maintenance System.
Track Maintenance Supervisor
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To Template, W/MS