Definitions for "GMS"
Japanese geostationary satellite positioned over Japan / Australia; see also Meteosat and GOES.
Geosynchronous Meteorological Satellite operated by the Japanese at 140° East
Geostationary Meteorological Satellite
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Greater Mekong Sub-region
Greater Mekong Subregion.
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Globalization Management System. Software designed to help organizations manage Web localization. GMS features include workflow management, translation memory integration and translation vendor management tools. Major vendors include SDL and Trados.
Global Management System/Global Messaging Service (Novell)
Glycerol mono stearate. GMS is a chemical stabilizer used to make ice-creams creamy and fluffy.
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General Medical Services. The services provided by GPs (family doctors) and their staff.
General Medical Services are family doctor services provided by GP's in Primary Care practices.
General medical services. Personal medical services provided by a GP
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This is an international standard for digital cell phone communication. Originated in Europe, the initials originally stood for Groupe Spéciale Mobile, but now represent
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See Gram.
Abbreviation/Acronym — Goat's Milk Soap. Soaps made with milk are supposed to be smoother and nourishing; goat milk is often preferred over cow milk.
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Guaranteed Maturity Security. Securities issued by Freddie Mac with a short final maturity which is usually/significantly shorter than the WAM of the collateral underlying the bonds.
Gas Measurement System. A system for measuring the quantity of any gas or the energy content of any gas.
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Group Memory System