Definitions for "RSM"
Acronym for Reynolds Stress Model This is a more accurate (and computationally intensive) second-moment closure turbulence model, which employs 6 equations for Reynolds Stress Transport along with the scalar turbulent dissipation rate rather than the 2 equation k-epsilon type turbulence model.
Response Surface Methodology. A statistical method that uses quantitative data from appropriate experiments to determine and simultaneously solve multivarient equations
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Renault Samsung Motors
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Regimental Sergeant Major
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Remote System Manager. Software that centralizes system management functions for multiple VAX computers. It provides software distribution, installation, backup, and restore services for VAX systems running the VMS operating system.
Removable Storage Management, more information ...
Real Storage Manager. The part of z/OS which controls real memory.
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(or Rev Speed Meter): A device made by Apexi that measures 0-100, 400m among other functions.
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Required Solvency Margin
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Royal Society of Medicine