Definitions for "sms "
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sms is a Java command-line frontend for smssend.
Short Message Service Short message service in the GSM Network. With SMS one can send short messages, with a maximum length of 160 characters, from one mobile telephone to another. Of late, some mobile phones also enable users to concatenate (link together) several messages together into a longer one.
Subscriber Management Services. General term to describe the management of the subscription side of pay-TV services including authorisation of smart cards, billing of customers, customer enquiries and support.
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Sistema Murciano de Salud
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SMTP Soft Handoff
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Seine Majestat Schiff (His Majesty's Ship) - German WWI designation
Systems Managed Storage. Automated IBM software that manages storage media on behalf of clients, insulating them from specific media characteristics.
Stores management system
Storage Management Subsystem.
Spirit Mound Station. Basin Electric’s two-unit, oil-fired generating station for peak- and emergency-demand periods. Located near Vermillion, SD, Spirit Mound has a 104-megawatt capacity.
Subminiature coaxial connector with slide-on coupling mechanism. Frequency range DC - 4 GHz.
Single Metal Slide. A holder for one plate. Usually made from black enamelled sheet steel.
Santa Maria Speedway, located in Santa Maria, California.
See spunbonded-meltblown-spunbonded fabrics
(see drilling mud) Seismic Survey Technique in which sound waves are used to characterise the shape of underground rock formations and so identify, amongst other things, possible hydrocarbon bearing formations. In the UKCS, seismic surveys are carried out from specially equipped boats.
Styrene/alpha-methylstyrene plastic
Special Migration Statistics - Census dataset consisting of interaction statistics for migrants both within and beyond the UK.
Refers to a SwitchServer/2 Application Registration control module.
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a set of coins, neither business strike nor proof, that was struck by the US Mint between 1965-1967 to replace proof sets
Special mint set.
Synchronous Meteorological Satellite
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Society of Motor Sports
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Sheet Metal Screw
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Safe Minimum Standards
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Split My Sides