Definitions for "Synchronous"
Happening at the same time; simultaneous.
A process where data is transmitted as a constant transmission stream.
Refers to data transmission wherein the transmitter and receiver are synchronized and data is sent at a fixed rate. Synchronous transmission eliminates the need for start and stop bits when compared to asynchronous transmission, and is therefore more efficient. Most high-speed data circuits, from ISDN to T3, are synchronous.
detection This feature is found on the Sony IFC-SW07 , SW1000T and Grundig Satellite 800. It is a circuit that replaces the carrier in a received AM signal with with an internally generated replacement to reduce the effects of fading.
The primary circuit board in a PC that contains most of the basic components of the system.
Operating at the same speed, all circuits in a synchronous network are constrained to operate at their nominal rates with no significant variation.
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Syncopation Synth Action
A property of a stream cipher, stating that the keystream is generated independently of the plaintext and ciphertext.
A synchronous operation or function does not return control to its initiator until it has completed the requested operation or function.
A mode of operation where an end system must wait for the answer to an operation before asking for another one to be performed.
A type of teletypewriter operation where both transmitter and receiver operate continuously.
Locking of the rotation of a spinning body with its orbital revolution in which the rotation is an integer or simple fraction of its revolution.
pre commit send information to all other systems in the distribution and verifies a commit or roll back on each transaction for the entire distribution. Issues: performance and scalability.
Property of an interaction whose results are directly following the interaction.
An interaction is said to be synchronous when the participating agents must be available to receive and process the associated messages from the time the interaction is initiated until all messages are actually received or some failure condition is determined. The exact meaning of "available to receive the message" depends on the characteristics of the participating agents (including the transfer protocol it uses); it may, but does not necessarily, imply tight time synchronization, blocking a thread, etc.
High speed printer with constant line printing speed regardless of the type of characters printed.
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see networked learning.