Definitions for "Orbital"
A space-shooter in the spirit of the Star Control series and KSpaceDuel
Orbital are specifically shaped spaces around the nucleus of an atom which can be occupied by one or two electrons. See Chemistry Review for more explanations.
The space or path in which an electron orbits the nucleus of an atom.
a fictional purpose-built from
a ring structure orbiting a star
An ear piercing where a ring follows through 2 piercings, most commonly seen in an earlobe, but can be through any 2 piercings in the ear. An appropriate diameter ring can be worn once both holes are fully healed. (two piercings connected by a single ring)
Of or pertaining to an orbit.
Pertaining to the region above the eyes.
eye socket-related.
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(L. orbita, a circle). Referring to the cavity formed from parts of seven bones.
Orbital were an English techno duo formed in 1989, consisting of brothers Paul (born 19 May, 1968) and Phil Hartnoll (born 9 January, 1964). The name was taken from the raves that occurred in the late 1980s near the M25 orbital motorway that circles London. They were initially influenced by early electro and punk rock.
Orbital was the first album from Orbital, released in 1991. It is often referred to as the "Green Album", to differentiate it from the band's second album, titled Orbital 2 (known as the "Brown Album"), which bears only the band's name on the cover. The original United Kingdom release includes live versions of "Chime" and "Midnight."
Orbital is a game for the Game Boy Advance handheld system, released as part of the Bit Generations line in Japan. Like the other games in the series, the game has both simple controls and simple graphics.
a mathematical function that describes the wavelike behavior of one particle
Orbital provides a java code generation engine for creating an object to relational mapping layer based upon XML metadata. SQL is generated as well as an extensible mapping layer.
of or relating to an orbit; "orbital revolution"; "orbital velocity"