Definitions for "Handheld"
Another word for personal digital assistant, or PDA; a device such as a Palm (tm) onto which you can load PatientKeeper software.
Computer a portable, handheld computing device that acts as an electronic organizer. Handheld computers are typically used for managing addresses, appointments, to-do lists and notes, but some newer models support wireless Internet access, e-mail, and other interactive applications. Also referred to as PDAs, Handhelds come in two major flavors - Palm and Pocket PC.
small computerized devices that fit into the palm of the hand and are designed for mobile computing.
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The act of making an exposure with the camera held by hand, rather than mounted on a tripod.
A picture or image of a tiny woman being held in a giant hand.
(Usually) A microphone designed to be operated while held in a persons hand. A handheld microphone is designed to be held close to the sound source (mouth) as opposed to suspended, boundry, lapel, or boom microphones. Specifically in wireless microphones, the type of transmitter where the microphone capsule is directly attached to the transmitter (no cable) and the transmitter is designed to be carried in the hand.
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a stylish affordable tool that
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About equipment, e.g. handheld pc harkee View
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Handheld scanner
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a good start for this