Definitions for "Adapter"
A connecting tube; an adopter.
A device for connecting hoses of the same size with non-matching hose threads, or connecting a threaded coupling to a quick-connect coupling. see also: Coupling
A device that makes two non-matching pieces work together; Power adapter for equipment that can't use the supply voltage. Connector Adapters (SCSI, Phone, etc.) to match the port with the connector on the cable.
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An object whose sole purpose is to implement an Interface for another object. See Interfaces and Adapters.
A component that converts one interface to another. In the context of integration, an adapter adapts an application's protocol to another. Adapters, when used for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), adapt the application's interface (e.g., SQL using ODBC) to a \"messaging interface\" (e.g., XML messages transmitted using Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) that complies with the Java Message Service (JMS) specification). SCT has developed an OpenEAI adapter for Banner that is implemented by two separate components: Banner Gateway consumes messages. Banner Messaging Service publishes messages.
a general design pattern for mapping one or more interfaces into yet another
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a smart travel accessory
(Adaptor) - An intermediate device to provide for attaching special accessories or to provide special mounting means.
In a camera, the device that allows the camera to be attached to a variety of scientific instruments or lenses. Also called mount adapter, lens mount adapter. See also C-mount, F-mount.
A rocket component designed to connect two airframe sections of differing diameter. These parts are often streamlined to smooth the flow of air between the airframe sections. It is also often referred to as a transition.
In rocketry, an adapter is a hollow cylindrical or conical segments between rocket stages or between the top rocket stage and the shroud that houses a spacecraft. They transfer the thrust from the lowest stage and are discarded during staging. This usage, which may appear overelaborate in that such adapters are inert structural elements rather than dynamic converters of signals or electrical power, actually derives from French.
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Electrical device that can take an AC voltage input and transform it into a different (or multiple) AC or DC voltage outputs.
an application specific software component and transforms data from its source to target format or vice-versa
a set of software modules that communicate with an integration broker and with applications or technologies to perform tasks such as running application logic and exchanging data
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A fitting that supplies a passage between two sets of equipment when they cannot be directly interconnected.
A type of fitting which provides a method of joining two components of differing thread types or systems.
A fitting that connects two pipes of different sizes or materials.
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A printed circuit assembly that translates data between the FC host processor's internal bus and a different bus, such as SCSI.
SCSI Host Bus Adapter or HBA
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Disk inserted in arbor hole of spool to accommodate smaller diameter shaft
An arrow part that allows screw in points on wooden shafts or glue on points for aluminum shafts.
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For Risk Manager, adapters monitor resources so that you can manage the resources. They acquire information ( events) and convert the events into a format that the Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC) can use. The adapter then sends the events to the TEC. See also event adapters and TME adapters.
See event adapter.
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a SCIwire Adaptor or RF Receiver
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a really big part of WebSnap
a single field-replaceable unit (FRU) and does not contain any field-serviceable parts
Preloaded library containing all standard formats used by a system, such as SAP, SWIFT, and HL7, used by integration software's formatting process.
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a class defined in java
a Java application that retrieves data from an external source and renders it in Wireless XML
A dynamically loaded Java class that acquires content from an external source, such as a Web site or a database, and converts the content into Wireless Edition XML. Pre-built adapters include the Web Integration adapter, SQL adapter, and Strip adapter.
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Structural fabrication or casting placed in a helmet to adjust to a different type or size of pile
a high-gloss black and silver box, about the size of the original iPod
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See Basic Object Adapter (BOA).
a child game
a useful product for anyone interested in seeing Dreamcast games at the maximum available resolution
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AJAX Apple Aspect Oriented Programming award
a High Voltage Differential (HVD) type and cannot support single-ended (SE) mechanisms
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a New revolutionary flash kit that uses a
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a real nice touch in my opinion
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a board-level product that can operate as a stand-alone unit
a board level product that can operate standing alone
a musician who adapts a composition for particular voices or instruments or for another style of performance
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a seperate project from the main package, but
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a simple object whose sole purpose is to map an incoming event to an outgoing method
a very simple concept
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an abstraction (e
a common solution and a good alternative
a low cost IR solution
See converter.
Adapters in computing are complex, requiring digital translation (or even digital signal processing in the case of converters).
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a great idea, too
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a better deal though
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a completed project
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One who adapts.