Definitions for "MOM"
A model that programs the delivery of a message or a reply that must be deferred. MOM differs from other forms of program-to-program middleware, such as remote procedure calls (RPCs) and conversational services, in that MOM communication is connectionless — the sending and receiving programs do not interact directly. A program sends the message to the MOM, which then takes responsibility for delivering it to the proper receivers. See middleware and RPC.
Graduate of a masters program in Oriental medicine accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
Message Oriented Middelware
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Multiple of the median
Multiples of median
Muslim Outreach Ministries
Ministry of Manpower
Mini overmold connector, neoprene, field installable version of wet pluggable series
Mom is a fictional character and recurring antagonist on the animated series Futurama. She is the bitter, ruthless 99.7% shareholder of Momcorp, the largest industrial conglomerate known to Man, with subsidiaries ranging from Mom's Friendly Robot Company to Mom's Old-Fashioned Video Surveillance Unit. She is also the richest person on Earth, but maintains a public image of being a sweet, matronly figure through use of a fatsuit, a heart-shaped hairdo and talented acting, when in fact she is emaciated, foul-mouthed, and malevolent.
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ilitary rdinary ail
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(Dear ol') Milk of Magnesia, a laxative. View the PTN Newsletter article on Laxatives Back to the
( abbreviation) otorcycle perating anual.
My mother, Irene! She really helps me out with homework, cooks great food, keeps the house clean, and likes gardening. Mom enjoys singing, being with friends, and works part time at a local grocery store. She is a very organized person, attends many of my school events and has supported all of us with our activities.
informal terms for a mother
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Jane, My Mom, my Hero, with a Mom like this how couldn't I think I've got the best MOM EVER
military ordinary mail. A category for Department of Defense official mail sent at Periodicals or Standard Mail rates that requires faster service than sealift transportation to, from, and between military post offices. This mail is moved by surface transportation to a gateway facility and from there by air at a specific transportation rate and service standard. Compare with parcel airlift.
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Female rabbit human companion.
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A thousand circular mils.
Loans in which the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) serves as original mortgagee.
This is a deliverable. Minutes of every meeting involving the Agency must be written by the contractor.
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lesbian who plays up her femininity.
Microsoft Operations Manager
Manufacturing Operations Management
Maintenance operations module.
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See monitor mode.
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Man Of the Match
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Method of Moments