Definitions for "Outlook"
A Microsoft e-mail/calendar program for Windows and Macs. IT Services recommends use of Microsoft Outlook to access eMarq.
The software component on the desktop computer that supports electronic communication and collaboration. See Exchange.
Microsoft's messaging and collaboration application software. A member of the Microsoft Office suite, Outlook includes e-mail, an integrated calendar, and contact-management and task-management features, and it also provides support for building customized tools, such as special-purpose forms, for collaborative functions.
The section of the Career Kokua Occupations file which describes the relationship between supply (workers) and demand (jobs) for an occupation. "Balance" means the number of people seeking work in an occupation is equal to the number of job openings; "Surplus" means there are more people seeking work in an occupation than there are job openings; "Shortage" means there are fewer people seeking work in the occupation than there are job openings. This section also describes the factors which affect the occupational outlook.
the expected future trend The outlook for university funding is bleak.
belief about (or mental picture of) the future
Outlook is an Indian weekly English newsmagazine in publication since October 1995. Vinod Mehta has been its editor-in-chief from its inception. Outlook has also spawned the specialised magazines Outlook Traveller, Outlook Money and the Hindi Outlook Saptahik.
a supplement to the American Journal of Archaeology that includes space for advertisements and announcements of upcoming events, meetings, fellowships, and other topics of interest to the Journal's readers
An opening through which the address would show, without the window material. This feature does not meet postal regulations for first class mail.
The list of possible stories for the day. The first outlook may be no more than info from clippings and news releases, and possible follows from the days before. At the story meeting, reporters and others pitch stories to add to the outlook. As the day progresses, the outlook may grow and shrink until lineup/s reflect what will actually be on the newscast/s.
The point of view or attitude of a person; as, one's outlook on life is affected by illness.
a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations
The likely outcome, such as is indicated by the present situation; prospects; prognosis; as, the outlook is grim.
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To inspect throughly; to select.
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The act of looking out; watch.
One who looks out; also, the place from which one looks out; a watchower.
The view obtained by one looking out; scope of vision; sight; appearance.
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To face down; to outstare.
It is used to indicate that a hazardous weather or hydrologic event may develop. It is intended to provide information to those who need considerable lead time to prepare for the event.