Definitions for "unemployment"
Quality or state of being not employed; -- used esp. in economics, of the condition of various social classes when temporarily thrown out of employment, as those engaged for short periods, those whose trade is decaying, and those least competent.
the state of being unemployed; lack of employment.
a condition that exists when a laborforce has workers able, ready and willing to accept employment and are without jobs, a statistical measure defined as a percentage of a laborforce. A tight labor market is generally indicated by a statistical reporting of less-than-3% unemployed because there is a bottom layer of unemployed considered to be unemployable. Events such as recent closings or layoffs or announcements of possible closings or layoffs may not show up in statistics or labor information available from indirect sources. For this reason it's always best to investigate a labor market or to gather data at the target location more about how the unemployed fit into location work. definition of unemployment defined definition of tight labor market defined definition of unemployed defined best source of labor information
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US Unemployment - The Unemloyment Rate refers to the percentage of people...
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MS = The state of not being engaged in a gainful occupation. UI = D014478
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