Definitions for "Job sharing"
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Arrangement in which the responsibilities and hours of one job position are carried out by two people.
Job sharing is the division of responsibilities and labor of a single full time position between two or more employees, each working less than full-time. The employees may perform all elements of the work or divide the tasks and may alternate days, weeks, or may split days. Individual benefits are based on the number of hours / weeks worked. Length of Service Length of service is generally defined as the length of regular, full or part time employment with the University and is calculated from the original or adjusted date of hire of the employee. Length of service is generally one of the criteria used in decision-making pertaining to, but not limited to, service awards, requests for promotion/transfer, vacation, and work assignments. See Break in Service. See Date of Hire. Non-exempt A non-exempt position is one which does not meet the standards for exemption from overtime pay outlined in the Fair Labor Standards Act. Non-exempt positions typically perform clerical duties, maintenance work, operate machinery, etc. See Staff. See Overtime.
Permits two part time workers to divide one full time job.
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