Definitions for "Job Coach"
an on-site coach to help a person with a severe disability initially learn and perform a job. A job coach may also help a person adjust to new behavior (for them) expected on the job: responsibility, communication, respect for one's boss and co-workers, reliability, etc. Unlike a Trainer, a job coach works after a person has a job (a style called "place and train") rather than pre-employment (called "job readiness"). The help of a job coach is intensive and can be available all day if needed. However, job coach support is usually temporary and is gradually reduced as the person learns their task.
A professional or paraprofessional who provides individual or group assistance to a student in job placement, travel training, and skill training at a job site. The job coach frequently provides assessment information to the student's IEP team.
Person hired by a rehabilitation agency or program who assists an employee with a disability in learning and performing a job and adjusting to the work environment.
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See job trainer.
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a companion to your child
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a person who is called in to the job site when an employee