Definitions for "Employed"
All persons who worked for pay or profit, or worked without pay for 15 hours or more per week in a family farm or business. Includes agricultural employment, nonagricultural wage and salary employment, unpaid family workers and domestic workers in private households. In the federal/state cooperative statistical programs funded in each state by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only persons employed during the payroll period which includes the 12th of the month are counted.
A person is considered employed if there is a definite arrangement for regular full-time or part-time work for pay every week or every month. A formal, definite arrangement with one or more employers to work a specified number of hours a week, or days a month, but on an irregular schedule during the work month is also considered employment. A person who is on call to work whenever there is a need for his (her) services is not considered employed. ( Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey )
Learners who work as paid employees, work in their own business or farm, or who work 15 hours or more per week as unpaid workers on a farm or in a business operated by a member of the family. Also included are learners who are not currently working, but who have jobs or businesses from which they are temporarily absent.