Definitions for "Part-Time Employment"
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Employment of an individual for less than 40 hours per week.
An employee who is engaged for a number of hours, fixed or variable, but that are fewer than those specified as standard hours in the relevant award. Some awards stipulate the maximum as well as minimum hours for which part-time employment can be engaged. Part-time employees are entitled to accrue holiday and other leave entitlements on a pro rata basis according to the ration of hours worked to ordinary hours. See also Full-Time and Casual Employment"Regular Part-Time Employees" - is defined in the Industrial Relations Act 1999 as an employee who - works less than full-time ordinary working hours; andhas reasonably predictable hours of work; andis entitled to receive on a proportionate basis equivalent wages and employment conditions to those specified in an award for full-time employees who do the same type of work.
regular employment for less than the total full ordinary working hours per week.