Definitions for "Seniority"
a worker's length of service with an employer relative to the length of service of other workers. Contracts frequently use seniority to determine layoffs, promotions, recalls, and transfers.
Length of service with an employer. Based on their seniority, preference can be accorded to employees in such areas as promotion, transfer, shift assignment, scheduling, vacation accrual, layoff, recall, etc.
Length of service relative to others.
Date claimed by the owner of an earlier trademark registered in a E.U. country, when the owner applies for an identical trademark as a Community trade mark for goods or services identical with or contained within those for which the earlier trademark was registered.(FR:Ancienneté)
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Refers to the order in which a corporation would pay off its obligations in case of financial difficulty. A senior obligation is paid before an obligation lacking seniority.
the first hired is the last fired or laid off
The order of repayment. In the event of bankruptcy, senior debt must be repaid before subordinated debt is repaid.
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higher priority.
higher rank than that of others especially by reason of longer service
the number of years someone has served in an institution or on a committee.
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The quality or state of being senior.
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the property of being long-lived