Definitions for "living wage"
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A wage or salary that permits a worker to live at least with minimal customary amenities, and above conditions of poverty.
As defined by the "Job Gap Study" ( Northwest Policy Center) a wage that allows families to meet their basic needs without resorting to public assistance and provides them some ability to deal with emergencies and plan ahead. "It is not a poverty wage". [NW Job Gap (Supplement to NW Policy Center's "The Changing Northwest")
a also term often used by advocates to point out that the federal minimum wage is not high enough to support a family
An earning level that supports self-sufficiency without reliance on public and private subsidies.
a necessity that we must insist on
an Essential Human Right Societies cannot be viable in a global system unless individuals have the right to live a dignified life through the use of their abilities, by earning the means to uphold this right above all social and political considerations
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a Jewish issue
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an income that is enough money to live on