Definitions for "Self-determination"
Determination by one's self; or, determination of one's acts or states without the necessitating force of motives; -- applied to the voluntary or activity.
Determination by the people of a territorial unit of their own political future without coercion from powers outside that region.
While there is no national consensus on an exact definition of the term, the idea of self-determination generally rests on four core principles: 1) the freedom to develop a personal life plan, 2) the authority to control a targeted sum of resources, 3) the support to achieve personal goals, and 4) the responsibility for contributing to one's community and using public dollars wisely.
a central concept of empowerment, which involves students' ability to make choices, become advocates for themselves, and exercise control over their lives. It refers to an individual's awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to interact with others in a socially competent manner.
a determination of the will, and whatever leads to a self-decision leads to a decision of the will
the ability to identify a personal vision and set and achieve goals; reflects personal skills and traits, including self-esteem, assertiveness, self-advocacy, control, choice-making, and creativity
(Reber) Roughly, internally controlling one’s behaviour, acting on the basis of personal beliefs and values rather than on the basis of social norms or group pressures. Some theorists, particularly those with an existentialist orientation, maintain that it is an integral component of the optimal functioning of a person while others, notably … behaviourists, regard it as an illusion.
A process in which the individual's preferences, interests, abilities, and wishes are the focus of planning and implementing activities.