Definitions for "Preferences"
Special trade advantages granted by an importing country to certain trading partners, in contrast to nondiscriminatory treatment conforming to the most-favored- nation principle. Most preferences are granted to LDCs by industrial countries to promote export growth and development (see GSP). In addition to preferential tariff rates, preferential application of other measures such as licensing practices, quotas, or taxes may also be granted. The term is not normally applied to special trade treatment granted by a country to its partners in a free trade area, customs union, or common market.
In trade policy, this refers to special advantages, such as lower-than- MFN tariffs, accorded to another country's exports, usually in order to promote that country's development. See GSP. In trade theory, this refers to the attitudes of consumers toward different goods, as represented by a utility function. Some propositions in trade theory use the assumption of identical and/or homothetic preferences.
Trade advantages (such as tariff preferences) given by a country to some of its trading partners in order to promote their export growth and the development of mutual trade relations. Trade preferences are often granted to developing countries (as within the framework of the Lomé Convention) to foster their export sector and economic development prospects. Français: Préférences Español: Preferencias
Program settings that are remembered after the program quits. ClickMail's preferences are stored in the System folder's Preferences folder, as "ClickMail LDAP Preferences."
You can set preferences so that your workstation always comes up the same. These preferences are tied to your user name and password. These preferences will remain set as long as you use the same name and password. Preferences are set from the Options pull-down menu.
If your application is made through UAC or QTAC you will have the chance to list more than one course (9 through UAC, 6 through QTAC). These are called your preferences. The list indicates the order in which you want your preferences to be considered.
NewDeal application that allows you to customize the software to meet your specific needs and likes.
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in addition to certain beliefs about our life-situation, each individual holds preferences about what kind of response to the situation is the most fitting response. A preference is a desire for a certain goal or outcome. Preferences are central to morality because preferences reflect what we think of as a good life.
When their child transfers from one phase to another (e.g. from primary to secondary), parents may specify, in order of preference, the schools they would like their child to attend.
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A creditor's right to be paid before other creditors of the same debtor.
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