Definitions for "Control panel"
The part of the cabinet that contains the joystick, trackball, buttons, gun, and other input devices.
Control panel included in website hosting plans is an online webbased application that allows you to easily manage different aspects of your hosting account. Most hosting control panels will let you add email accounts, upload files, set up shopping carts, change contact information or databases, view usage statistics...
Every Interliant customer is given access to a wide range of site utilities including; account administration, site performance, a Web site toolbox, e-mail, server management and permissions.
This is the "brains" of the Alarm System , which receive information from all the Input Devices (contact , motion detector glass break detectors etc) process the information and triggers an OUTPUT DEVICE (dialer, siren , strobe light etc.)
This is the "brains" of the Alarm System , which receives information from all the Input Devices (contact , motion detector etc.) processes the information and triggers an output device (dialer, siren, etc.) It contains an alarm system's main circuit board, a backup battery, and possibly other components necessary for the control of the system.
a program used to change some setting in the operating system or computer
A modeless dialog box that contains controls that let users specify basic settings and preferences for a systemwide feature, such as the speaker volume, desktop pattern, or picture displayed by a screen saver.
A DX window that allows the user to change parameters of a visual program.
The lights and buttons on the top of the LaserJet 4 printer.
The part of the system that contains indicators and controls, such as the power button and power indicator.
The block of information and buttons in the upper right corner of every screen.
a must because this displays feedback readings when exercising (found on the best fitness rowers) thereby making the exerciser reach their optimum workout level
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Located on the top of the spa shell. Contains an LCD readout, and controls for the operating the pumps and regulating the spa water temperature.
The command center of the security system is housed in a tough steel enclosure, typically placed in an inconspicuous location.
a flat area containing controls and indicators
a flat area containing controls andindicators
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Data Transfer Disk Space Domain Parking/Addon domains
A file placed in the Systems Folder of a Macintosh that is automatically opened and run by the System at startup.
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In Lotus 1-2-3, a special area at the top of the screen that contains the main menu and the edit line.
A portion of the screen reserved for status and information.
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a piece of software that makes it easier to control a server, by making use of a visual interface
An interface on the tape library device that allows for manual control and configuration of the tape library.
A software application that starts up and shuts down all the 3700 system processes.
a flat, typically vertical, area where control or monitoring instruments are displayed
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Control Room Control Surface
location of the primary means of directly adjusting the function of a device.