Definitions for "Dialer"
Dialers are programs that create a (usually fee-based) internet connection via a modem or ISDN card. Dialers are often used to pay for so-called value-added services on the internet and represent a simple method of payment. Unfortunately, dialers have often been misused in the past: dialers were installed without the user's knowledge, with expensive international numbers being used, the internet connection was made automatically and was not terminated, so that some users faced horrendous phone bills. Many countries have now brought in legislation to curb this kind of abuse.
A trojan that dials toll numbers without user awareness or permission.
A type of software that silently disconnects your modem from your usual Internet service provider and dials another phone number. The new number is usually a long distance or 1-900 billable call.
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a good example on where I want to drive gnome-ppx, it simply Just Works(TM) because of it's approach
a service where the user downloads a small executable file
an alternative payment solution to Credit Card billing