Definitions for "Alternative"
Pertaining or referring to that which is not conventional, mainstream, or traditional.
a coin album, which has sheets made of plastic so that you can see both sides of the coin without removing the coin
Defanged art-world and lifestyle adjective still useful for politically correct final reports and press releases. In rock: "originally synonymous with good, true, and beautiful - more individualistic, less compromising and somethimes more obscure than mainstream rock - filled with integrity and street-level authority. But now that Nirvana has topped the sales charts and sold four million copies of an album, alternative often means casually dressed yet eager to cash in." (JP)
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Offering a choice of two things.
An offer of two things, one of which may be chosen, but not both; a choice between two things, so that if one is taken, the other must be left.
Either of two things or propositions offered to one's choice. Thus when two things offer a choice of one only, the two things are called alternatives.
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a canal / pipe combination - this is actually better for the Qatari depression in the Sahara
a drive that includes both Firewire and USB interfaces, in which case you're pretty much guaranteed to be able to get a fast connection
a little Kingston mouse that I have which has a USB connector and its wire sneakily concealed in a little flip-open compartment
Disjunctive; as, an alternative conjunction.
a propeller-type agitator used in conjunction with a pump
Also disjunct. A statement connected to another by 'or'.
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Alternatives are considered useful in altering body chemistry gradually. Herbs with alterative properties stimulate gradual changes in metabolism and tissue function in acute and chronic conditions and increase overall health, energy, vigor and strength. Alternatives are simular to tonics, which help both the overall systems as well as aideingparticular organs, tissues and cells. alterative herbs, include aloe vera, black cohosh, blue cohosh, blue vervain, capsicum, cascara sagrada, chamomile, damiana, dandelion, echnicacea, elecampane, fenugreek, garlic, gentian, ginger, gingo biloba, goldenseal, hawthorn, horsetail, milk thistle, red clover, red raspberry, schizandra, suma, yarro and yellow dock root.
a docking station, but they are a lot more expensive
a pot of tea laced with cinnamon and herbs, which we also found refreshing
a clamp-on meter together with an AC line splitter, both available from Sears at reasonable cost to measure your actual ampeerage
a "clamp-pod", which is a ballhead attached to a C-clamp
a specialty focuser that allows a telescope eyepiece to be attached to the viewfinder of the camera
DISPUTE RESOLUTION / ADR - Alternative to going to court to settle disputes. Methods include arbitration, where disputing parties agree to be bound to the decision of an independent third party, and mediation, where a third party tries to arrange a settlement between the two sides.
Used narrowly to refer to a set of alternatives to litigation including mediation, arbitration, and summary jury trials. Used broadly it refers to all methods which resolve conflicts between parties by a means other than an adversarial or judicial process.
The Alternative (in Swedish: Alternativet) a local political party in Ljungby, Sweden. Alternativet was founded in 1994. The party president is Roland Johansson, secretary Rune Arvidsson and treasurer Jörgen Källdalen.
a rotary tiller/cultivator
a skin replacement system with an artificial dermal regeneration template
1) "Alternative" means the replacement of one active ingredient with another, eg., malathion may serve as an alternative for diazinon. 2) "Alternative" can mean replacement of a chemical control method by a non-chemical method, eg., cultivation may serve as an alternative to 2,4-D. 3) "Alternative" can mean replacement of a non-chemical control method with a chemical control method, eg., 2,4-D may serve as an alternative to cultivation.
a diet of nuts (fats) and sweet fruit (sugar)
an herbal antibiotic with echinacea, goldren seal, astragalus, and others (See Immunity ) As always good diet and nutritional supplementation can help to both prevent and heal urinary tract infection and associated health issues
a non-perishable assortment of organic dried fruit and nuts
a nice shareware program called QPict
a nice sharp fingernail
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a protected porch or other safe outside space, no matter how small, which he can be in at will
a self-guided tour arranged by an outfitter, with detailed route maps and instructions, reserved accommodations, and luggage transfers each nightin effect, a regular group trip without the group, the guide, or the fixed departure date
a trip to an observation point where you can view the fireworks on Arenal Volcano at a safe distance (you can't go to the crater)
a brand called a Krill, works for days on a couple AA batteries
a CD-ROM by Butterworth Heinemann called Building Teams the Belbin Way
an app called " EasyFind "
a Jonsered chainsaw which is basicly the same as a husky, both brands are made in the same plant, just cosmeticly a different color and minor differences
In the tokusatsu production Kamen Rider Ryuki, Alternatives are mimicries of the 13 Kamen Riders developed by Shiro Kanzaki. 2 Alternative suits were known to have been produced - a prototype called Alternative and a production model called Alternative Zero. The 2 suits were identical except for a few minor differences. Alternative Zero was decorated with silver stripes labelled "Trial Prototype-00" on both sides of the body.
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a employ a patient tray table for supporting the hand
a paint scuttle kettle, a slim rectangular bucket that can be hung from your steps when painting walls or ceilings - these devices hold more paint than a tray
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a climb up Mt Senaru, a guided walk in the National Park, Gangga Falls and a swim in the natural pools
a walk to the base of Kang Yurze
a batchlike daily (or any other suitable time period) append
an impact with the quay (which is damped by suitable non-ideally elastic bodies)
a suitable shed or outbuilding with an aviary flight attached
General term that refers to possible approaches to meeting the project purpose and need. Typically refers to the No-Build Alternative, the Improved Roadway Alternative (ASDEIS IRA), and the Build Alternative
a compile time approach
a component-based package approach
a donut with the magnetization parallel to the symmetry axis and mounted to undergo torsion around a perpendicular axis
a new method that only relies on rotational symmetry on the sphere
a blockbuster bowel sterlizer that kills about everything including giardia and amoeba
a hit-to-kill interceptor missile that destroys its target in a high-speed collision
a "no lose" target with no penalty for overshooting a target
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a development strategy that is both equitable and beneficial to the poorest sectors of the global economy that takes the full spectrum of human rights, including health, environment and labor rights into consideration
a dual polity and a dual economy within a dual strategy "from which flows a concept of need which is rational and consensual, dynamic and open-ended"
a Strategy of Graduated Response (SGR)
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a chili dog with onion and shredded dill pickles, maybe cheese
an electric toenail grinder but that is fairly expensive and, while they do a wonderful job may be more difficult to accustom the dog to its use
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a cooked meal from a supermarket deli
a tavola calda - self service warm meals
a warm water-heating pad through which warm water is circulated at a constant temperature
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a bottle of sherry brought from Alice Springs, decanted into a plastic bottle
a "Mock Knight" which consists of the upper body of a human shape on a spring release
a museum housing the world's largest collection of ships in bottles
a lower bridge that can be cemented in place or held in place by screws
a lower impact skip which is much slower and lower to the ground
a mucogingival flap with vertical releasing incisions
Unconventional approach, treatment, remedy, medicine, or practice designed to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, happiness and well-being.
an urban sanctuary devoted to health, spirituality, world religions, meditation, vegetarian food
a spiritual discipline
a compulsory licensing scheme
a few years away, with the next generation of mobile telephone licenses only just about to be auctioned by the Government
a reasonable royalty compulsory licensing mechanism in which anyone has the right to use a patented invention in research
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a reorganization of the CEC
an automated pupillometer like Medtronic's ForSite device, which yields more reliable and less subjective results than manual examination
a return to a gold standard as way to effectively automate monetary policy
a wormhole proposed by Visser
Any one of a number of transportation proposals for a project including: no-build. new alignment(off-line) and network upgrade(on-line). Alternatives are developed during the preliminary alternatives analysis phase.
Potential solutions to a transportation problem. Alternative may consist of different configurations, alignments, type of access control or transportation modes and strategies.
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a lever-drive chair that propells the chair forwards by using a lever
a well-anchored hammock with a solid cloth material, or a glider, which has fewer safety issues than a rocking chair
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a Java-compatible language called Waba from WabaSoft
a SFF Microsoft compatible PC
a liquid lens of mercury or gallium
a particular vacuum tubing collector this comprises a particular heat sensitive liquid
a vacuum tube collector that contains a heat sensitive liquid
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a preemie nipple
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a fixed rate negotiated with the operator of the pistes, based on the equipment travelling on the ski lifts, so sharing and reducing the expense for all the users on one day (this system operates at Les Houches)
a stair lift, which is a popular option
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a cardboard box which fits into a "rental" traditional-looking casket, removed just before cremation
a changing bag/box with some frame so that the material is not on your skin all the time
a safety deposit box
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a satalite dish called Direct PC
a shallow dish into which a little water can be poured and the placement of a votive candle in the center of the dish
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a single tube SAM system
a "Turnpike" or "Burrito" which is gravel wrapped in a textile fabric forming a tube structure
a cue sheet score, which offered theatres suggestions for pre-existing music to accompany each scene
a nonconvertible senior security, accompanied by a warrant exercisable for the purchase of common stock
a generic leather work glove of medium thickness
a pay per use cell phone that you can buy minutes on like a calling card and keep in your glove compartment
One of many courses of action that might be taken in a given situation. View Capstone Lesson(s) that address this concept
a club that plays on a public course
an exercise community or club
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an excursion to a virtual bakery
a nonempty sequence of "members" separated by commas
an option while an alternate precedes or follows in temporal or locative sequence
a myelogram, in which dye is injected into the area around the spinal cord to outline any areas of pressure on it
an injection of cortocosteroid directly onto and around the bald area
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a local radio host here in Austin, Texas, named Carl Stuart
a ham radio type programmable scanning monitor which will cover all the bands we use
an inch wide band of Vaseline smeared around the pot
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a dark coloured ground sheet to place as close to the hedge as possible and provided you are well covered in camo gear or at worst dark clothing you will not be spotted if you lay on this ground sheet to keep you dry
an investment that provides a positively geared outcome
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a computer sound card with a phono pre-amp built in, such as the Phono PreAmp from Terratec , which places a pre-amp with an analog-to-digital converter chip in the computer itself
an American company offering DNA analyses with a genealogy focus, www
Offering an alternate, or different means of pursuing learning or degrees or both. Often used interchangeably with external or nontraditional.
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a program called Sparkle which does does provide frame-rate control
a wooden dowel that fits in the window track snugly between the window frame and the frame of the operable section of the window
a maintenance service package that includes technical support, but not automatic updates
an automatic belay device that works on a camming principle
an automatic shutoff unit
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a bag that you strap around your waist (fanny pack)
a freestanding heavy bag
a packed lunch from home, which is a great way for your child to learn about healthy food and help with preparation
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a cordless blower, but cordless models are not as powerful as gas-powered or corded leaf blowers
a fine piece of cord, or in this case a loosely and weakly fitted piece of weak food wrap wire
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a pair of sturdy all-terrain sandals
Keywords:  hdd, pvr, dvd, broadcasts, emerge
a progressive scan DVD player
a PVR with HDD plus a DVD recorder without HDD for those people who want to keep recordings of broadcasts, or perhaps a PVR with a DVD built in will emerge
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EThere's no other alternative.
a bottom-freezer with a sliding drawer
a draught excluder, which can be stretched along the bottom of the door where the draughts are more likely to come from
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a legal fake gun that shoots blanks
a vacuum gun that operates off compressed air combined with a filter or capture device
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a sticky cloth bandaging tape
a tape measure, which is used around the girth just behind the front legs
Comics with at least one lesbian character, or a talking animal. Really alternative comics have a lesbian talking animal. Thanks to the output of James Kochalka, alternative comics now account for 97% of the industry.
a compact TOC
a computer algorithm that would randomly group citizens in compact districts
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an outside run or kennel (small fenced area) that the puppy can be put in while you are away
a nation-wide competition, though this would require a panel or panels available for some ten to twelve days shortlisting and up to twenty days interviewing, so it would almost certainly require more than one panel
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a palpable admission of failure
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a folder action that moves anything put on the desktop to some other location
A collection of actions or action categories assembled to provide a comprehensive solution to problems in the Bay-Delta system. Action A structure, operating criteria, program, regulation, policy, or restoration activity that is intended to address a problem or resolve a conflict in the Bay-Delta system.
An action that gradually alters an existing condition in the body. A 'blood alternative' is often referred to as a 'blood cleanser,' as it alters the entrance of toxins and waste materials in the blood stream.
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a private company (BFI), who, once a week will pick up your refuse at the end of your driveway
Keywords:  lipstick, sealer, varnish, lip, coat
a lipstick sealer which puts a varnish or sealer coat on top of the lip color
a card reader, then you don't even need the serial cable
a paragraph or two and then referring the interested reader to earlier project deliverables on the CD
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a resetable breaker
In toxicity testing, three aspects of a single concept used to describe methodologies that either eliminate the need for a whole animal (replacement alternative), substantially decrease the number of whole animals used for a particular procedure (reduction alternative), or improve the design and/or efficiency of a test, thereby lessening the distress or discomfort experienced by laboratory animals (refinement alternative).
a chemical sealant, which is another whole subject
Keywords:  brim, strip, rectangle, folded, magnets
a folded or rolled strip around the brim, and a folded square or rectangle at the top
a metal plate with strip magnets, but this is usually more time consuming
a spinal anaesthetic which has similar effects, and which also allows you to stay awake
a citizen driven campaign at the state level to impose term limits on those who serve in Congress from their states
a hydraulic drive, which consists of a hydraulic motor directly coupled to the drive shaft and powered by a hydraulic pump driven by a fixed speed electric motor
a combination of fiber cables feeding neighborhood Optical Network Units (ONUs) and last leg premises connections by existing or new copper
Keywords:  hat, sticker, shirt, worn
a sticker that can be worn on a hat or t-shirt
a reasonable way to fix the identified problem or satisfy the stated need (40 CFR 1500.2). Alternatives are different means of accomplishing refuge purposes and goals, contributing to the System mission, and resolving issues. [see also management alternative below].
a Career Development Loan, an initiative in association with the Learning Skills Council
a news council , an industry-wide self-regulation body, such as the Press Complaints Commission , set up by UK newspapers and magazines
Keywords:  merger, acquisition
a merger or acquisition
a dedicated photo storage device
a software token that carry your digital credentials on a mobile or portable device like a PDA or smart phone
Keywords:  culvert, dip, storm, road, larger
a combination of a smaller culvert and rock surfaced road dips where the culvert is sized for annual storm flows, and the rock surfaced road dip is designed to handle the flow from larger storm events
a more free-form assessment, albeit based on considerations that should be discussed with the authorities ex ante
Keywords:  tonneau, flexible, roll, cover
a flexible roll-up tonneau cover
a form of a reputable independent publisher such as California's first tuesday
Keywords:  linkage, study
a "linkage study
Media Outdoor formats that do not fall into the categories of: billboards, street furniture or transit. Most alternative media is used to create customized solutions for advertisers.
a headset and a microphone plugged into your computer and specialized software
a new piece of technology where you plug your computer into one end and a monitor/TV into the other, and your monitor/TV now shows what appears on the computer screen
a screen magnifier that attaches to the top of the computer's monitor
a drainage mat system manufactured specifically for this purpose
a strategic alliance between the adhesive manufacturer and its suppliers
a range building outfitted with very dim lighting
a humanistic view of the average consumer
a neon sign transformer with a reduced voltage (about a quarter to half of normal) applied to its primary
a reduced oracle
a pair of glasses with additional power in the reading eye so that the combined power of your contacts and the spectacles match your distance prescription
Keywords:  lantern, globes, string, paper, lights
a string of lights that have paper lantern globes on them
a non-acidic, buffered form of vitamin C such as calcium ascorbate
a living trust, where the trust owns the stock, and on death the beneficiary gets the stock without probate
a trust fund that invests only in United States Treasury obligations
a trust fund which invests only in United States Treasuries
Keywords:  chase, vent, brick, veneer, metal
a chase, metal vent, with brick veneer
a childminder who will look after other people's children in their own home
Keywords:  mould, yourself, inspection
a do-it-yourself mould inspection
Keywords:  swagmail, email, paid, account, based
a paid-for web based email account such as swagmail
a decision analysis based on a literature search
a financial investment analysis, comparing expected revenues with current and expected expenditures
Analysis and Opinion Breaking News
a lengthy lawsuit under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act
Keywords:  badge, maker, button
a badge ("button") maker
Keywords:  stimulus, interface
a stimulus interface
Keywords:  odour, topical, deals, sits, treatment
a topical (sits on top of the skin) treatment that deals directly with the odour
a special type of computed tomography (spiral CT), which can accurately show a blockage
a site at Prospect, but the wholesalers tell me that there is a rail problem associated with Prospect
user value The value of land and buildings which reflects a prospective use which is different from that of the current use.
a color codes chart with swatches of recognized or named colors
a guarantor mortgage where the parent agrees to be liable for repayments if the child defaults
Keywords:  reciprocal
Alternate; reciprocal.
Keywords:  pedal, grab, front, side
a "front side pedal grab"
a well-focused assignment that raises expectancy for the workshop
Keywords:  robots, meta, tag, special
a special META tag for robots
Keywords:  liberal, christian, college, arts
a liberal arts christian college
Keywords:  flyer, notice, meeting, specific, your
a flyer or specific notice about your meeting
Keywords:  lemon, tongue, tip, drop, placed
a drop of lemon placed on the tip of the tongue
a seed propagator which can be purchased from garden centres
an additional percentage added to wages in lieu of benefits
an in-memory pipelining architecture
an advanced form of synchronization tool between the routes planned on the device and the files (or section of files) required to fetch from the PC side
Keywords:  stool, legged, one
a one-legged stool
Keywords:  friends, mothers, babies, say, occasion
a group of three or more friends offering care for a day or two each week, say two mothers looking after the babies on each occasion
an even distribution of user home directories into multiple parent directories that do not represent workplace divisions
Keywords:  stainless, steel, filter
a stainless steel filter
an infrared sensor , which detects a food's surface temperature to determine doneness
an informed population, where all those who can demonstrate awareness of the details of a particular case are allowed to vote on the final decisions
a mandatory reduction in the quantity of water available
Keywords:  incremental, index, policy, user, files
an incremental policy where user files are kept in the index at all times
a monthly repayment limit, in the event of interest rates rising dramatically
Keywords:  circular, opening
a circular opening
Keywords:  rituals, later, book, written, down
a book in which rituals are written down for later use
Producing a healthful change without perception.
Keywords:  crop, survey, visual, leaf, weeds
a visual survey, with the operator estimating the leaf area ratios between crop and weeds
Keywords:  coils, clip, holds, large, line
a clip, which holds the line in large coils
A loan that does not fit conforming and is supported by various documentation types. The credit may have some "derogatories".
a concrete mixing container made out of plastic and sold in hardware stores
a partnership (see at left) where the structure is more closed and so is limited to the agreeing parties and not to the holders of shares
Medicine Glossary I have the ability to handle this
an implementation based on a sorted list
Keywords:  easy, drink, blend, acceptance, wines
a blend of red wines that is easy to drink and has a wide acceptance
an expression of concern that the drug use may be causing some difficulties
n. Something that may or must exist, be taken or chosen, or done instead of something else.
an intermediate-term government-bond fund
a separate debt office and the Report sees advantages in such an arrangement
Keywords:  die, someone, policy, direct, pays
a policy that pays out direct to someone else if you die
Keywords:  proportional, flat, income, tax, known
a proportional income tax, also known as a flat tax
a two-country IS/LM model with exchange rate dynamics added
Keywords:  facility, boarding
a boarding facility
Keywords:  university, degree, open
an Open University degree
Keywords:  wireless, card, networking
a wireless networking card that
a central asset account, which combines traditional checking features, investment and borrowing into a single account
Keywords:  graphic, loaded, single, page
a single page in which the same graphic gets loaded
Keywords:  door, supply, power, operating, back
a back-up power supply to keep the door operating
Keywords:  class, presentation
a class presentation
Keywords:  equity, fixed, paid, off, set
a home equity loan, a loan against your home that must be paid off over a set period at a fixed rate
a software-based volume manager which performs similar functions in software
Keywords:  bond, index, fund
a bond index fund
Keywords:  white, list, accessed, sites, allowed
a white list of web sites that are allowed to be accessed
Keywords:  improvement, home, loan
a home improvement loan
Same as alterative.